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Dolphins, 49ers and Eagles lead the start of the NFL season

A record 10-touchdown game comes within the first few weeks of the season  


By MEGAN JOSEPH — sports@theaggie.org


The start of the National Football League (NFL) season has been a shocking combination of good and bad for many of the teams. The Miami Dolphins, recognized as an underrated team in the past, have shown their true potential this season with the impressive numbers they have been putting up so far.

The Miami Dolphins’ best asset this season has been their offense, shown through their amazing stats. The offense has averaged 0.8 more points per drive than the next closest team and has averaged 2.2 yards per play. Considering how many teams are in the league, this is a memorable accomplishment they achieved in only the first few weeks of the season.

Coach Mike McDaniel has done a great job so far in the season by keeping the other teams on their toes. McDaniel has been known in the past to create extraordinary plays that no team has ever seen before, but this year it’s been taken to a new level. He’s been changing the style of play so that every single game is unexpected and impossible to plan for. 

The Dolphins’ offense and coaches aren’t the only strong part of the team. Their defense has had some outstanding plays recently, even while missing a key player in their lineup. Jalen Ramsey, the Dolphins’ starting cornerback, has been out with a knee injury for a couple of weeks and won’t be back in season for a while. As one of the most important players in the defense, many people were concerned with how this would affect the rest of their season, however, the Dolphins quickly shut down any concern with their performance in a game against the Denver Broncos.

 In this game, the Dolphins put up 70 points (10 touchdowns) against the Broncos’ mere 20 points. No team has put up as many points and touchdowns in a game since 1966 when the Washington Commanders defeated the New York Giants. It’s safe to say we can expect a lot from the Dolphins this year, especially with quarterback Tua Tagovailoa favored to win league MVP. 

Another team that has shown their potential to dominate the NFL league this season is the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers have had a steady start to their season by scoring a decent amount of points every game and staying undefeated. 

This is in part due to new running back Christain McCaffery who was drafted by the 49ers halfway through the 2022 NFL season. 49ers Coach Kyle Shanahan has no regrets with this decision to give up draft picks for McCaffery as since his arrival on the team and his performance in games this season the 49ers have scored at least 30 points in every game. 

This gives them an immense lead over the next-closest team in their league for total points scored and has them favored to win their sub-league. 

The last team this season that has kept their undefeated record is the Philadelphia Eagles. They have kept their total winning percentage along with the Dolphins and the 49ers. Wide Receiver A.J. Brown has done a great job keeping his team on top so far with his incredible passing game. 

The Eagles should be able to keep up this gameplay and stay six and zero for the next few games, but the Dolphins are supposed to come to town on week seven, undoubtedly presenting some challenges. The Dolphins are the more favored team to win, making it a very important game for both teams. 

Overall, the start to the NFL season has been very successful for the Dolphins, 49ers and Eagles. We should expect to see a lot to come from these teams and their respective star players throughout the season. 


Written by: Megan Joseph — sports@theaggie.org