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First-year men’s golf athletes dominate Alister MacKenzie Invitational

Treed Huang joins small group of Aggies that have won individual victories in men’s golf


By MEGAN JOSEPH — sports@theaggie.org


Only traveling a couple of hours away, the UC Davis men’s golf team competed in the Alister MacKenzie Invitational on Oct. 9 and 10 in Fairfax, California. The tournament proved to have challenging competition with 13 other teams representing other schools. Nonetheless, the Aggies still showed their true talent and ability to stay calm under pressure. 

Representing the Aggies, first-year Treed Huang had an outstanding performance throughout the tournament, getting 21 birdies in total for both days. On the first day of the tournament, Huang carded two rounds of 66 and a round of 65 on the second day. Together these scores put him in the top ten Aggies of all time to receive the lowest single-round scores.

Huang also became only the third first-year Aggie to ever secure an individual win. Both these achievements by Huang were due to his focus and ability to keep his composure when it was his turn to hit. He has definitely found his rhythm in collegiate games fast for only being a first-year. However, with the season ending soon, we won’t see much from Huang until tournaments begin again in February. 

Another first-year Leo Metzger also had a remarkable performance in the tournament. On day one of the tournament, Metzger carded two rounds of 69 that tied him in 24th place with a total score of 138. He got a total of 11 birdies and one eagle over the two rounds, which is no easy task. 

Going into the second day, Metzger wanted to continue to impress his competition by hitting even or under par yet again for the third and final round. It’s safe to say he did that and so much more. Metzger tallied a total of 16 birdies and ranked ninth in his department which beat many other competitors’ performances. 

Ending the competition off on a high note, Metzger finished just short of the top 25 with one of his best performances. This shows just how cut-throat and intense the competition was.

In addition to these outstanding performances, we also saw two Aggie fourth-years shine on the green. 

Fourth-year Jacob Westberg had an admirable weekend performance, barely increasing his score every round. Westberg stayed steady and stable with his hits allowing him to card a 70 on the second day of the tournament. Westberg’s overall score out of all 54 holes tied him for 58th place. 

 Fourth-year Luca Carper had one of the best tee-offs that was seen all day. Carper birdied a 506-yard par five hole that had been challenging for almost all other competitors in the competition. Carper ended up carding a 72 on the second day that unfortunately wasn’t enough to put him in the top 50, but was still an achievement indicating his improvement. 

In the end, the invitational proved to have formidable competition for the Aggies that did not discourage them. Davis tied seventh among all 14 schools in the Aggie’s final tournament of the fall season. 

With no more tournaments coming up, the Aggies plan to focus and prepare for the new year tournaments that will start in February and could prove to be a difficult feat. Nonetheless, the team should be proud of their performance this weekend and all of the achievements they earned this season.


Written by: Megan Joseph — sports@theaggie.org