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Davis, California

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Police Briefs


Got my coffee, where are my cigarettes?

Individual reported vehicle on Ninth Street was broken into and miscellaneous items were stolen, among them a pack of cigarettes.


Missing person

A three-year-old boy was last seen on a corner alone at University Avenue and Russell Boulevard.


Groundhog Day burglary style

An ongoing burglary has occurred since 2007 with a possible suspect entering through the garage, damaging window and removing miscellaneous items on Buchanan Street.


Big brother is watching

A hit-and-run occurred between noon and 12:30 p.m. on G Street. A delivery person witnessed the incident.


What happens when you don’t lock it

A bike was taken from an open garage on Tea Place.



Take it down a couple notches

Individual reported upstairs neighbor talking too loudly on Hanover Drive.


Prowler on the premise

Unknown subject was heard trying to open individual’s bedroom on Portage Bay West.


This isn’t Los Angeles

A road rage incident occurred on West Covell and Lake boulevards.


All about the Benjamins

Individual used a fake $100 bill on Third Street.


The hand that rocks the cradle

A report was made about concerns regarding abuse by caretaker on Glide Drive.



Maybe they should be jailed

Several people were reported in street coming from a party on Pine Lane.


Men are from Mars

A report was made about a male and female arguing on Richards Boulevard.


Women are from Venus

A report was made about a male and female arguing on Sycamore Lane and Russell Boulevard.


POLICE BRIEFS are compiled by ANN KIM from the public logs at the Davis Police Department and represent the official version of what happened. This segment appears Tuesdays and Thursdays. The DPD crime blotter can be viewed at cityofdavis.org/police/log. XXX


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