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Step into my Office, baby

As most fans of quality television programs know, “The Office” returns to its weekly spot on NBC tonight to resume its fourth season.

For Office fanatics like myself, this requires some preparation.

Surprisingly, I don’t follow this show religiously just for the priceless puppy face Jim (John Krasinski) makes into the camera after Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) says something outlandish and illogical. The main appeal of this cleverly written sitcom is its ordinary-meets-wtf style of humor, and personally speaking, its quaint similarity to my work life in The Aggie newsroom.

There are many ways in which the staff here at this fine student-run publication brings the spirit of “The Office” to our everyday life. White tape clearly shows the boundaries of the “water cooler talk” region, where all the juicy gossip goes down. We have our Jim Halperts, our Angelas (which is played by me on stressful days),but unfortunately, there’s no one over 50 to play the role of Creed.

We have yet to hold any office Olympics, and the Dundees are in store for June 2008, but we do hold an ongoing office competition of foosball. They really need to get a foosball table at the Dunder-Mifflin office to add a new competitive and silly pastime to their repertoire. We have two here at The Aggie, and I can assure you they create a very productive work environment, among other things.

So as I’ve explained, we here at The Aggie have been patiently waiting it out. Since the writers’ strike, this has been enough for me and my fellow Office-ites, but we all miss weekly unveilings of new episodes. A writer myself, obviously, I understand and am not resentful about the long halt between season four episodes. But I do have some expectations, predictions and hopes that the show’s writers will fulfill as they close out the season:

Jim and Pam’s engagement. I know I am stating the obvious here, but it needs to happen. The two can receive a Dundee this year for the shortest engagement, as I predict they will tie the knot before the season is over. Another wedding to top the debauchery that went down at Phyllis’ would be more than enjoyable, especially if Roy makes a surprise appearance.

The first 12 episodes, aside from Jim-Pam unification and the growing weirdness of Angela and Andy, were slightly uneventful. But according to Jenna Fischer (Pam) in an interview with USA Today, the writers surprised even her with what’s in store for her and Jim, calling it “a big curveball.”

Ryan’s assbeating. Someone needs to beat the shit out of Ryan, the evolved “corporate villain.” Let’s face it, he’s a little bitch and deserves some punishment for all the talking-down and power tripping he’s been doing. It just goes to show that a little bit of formal education can make you bratty and ostracized from your friends. Quit school while you’re ahead, kiddos, and don’t become a corporate villain – Ryan’s most recent behavior doesn’t even add enjoyment to the show.

More genius from Creed. Everyone knows this old timer is the best written character of the show, and his twists and turns create the most thrilling absurdity. If he’s not paying his dues for using the women’s bathroom, taking a chomp out of a potato or selling unused equipment around the office, he’s doing something else brilliant. Mad props to whoever develops his persona, and hopefully it will climax in season four.

Something positive happens to Toby. Aside from Creed, Toby is my favorite character – a member of “The Finer Things Club” and in real life a contributor as both a writer and actor on “The Office.”

Lastly, I’d like to thank the writers for coming back in time to write what I expect to be another dazzling string of episodes.


NICOLE L. BROWNER wields the bitchiness of Angela with the sneakiness of Creed and will destroy anyone that resembles Kelly in any way. Send Office plot predictions to nlbrowner@ucdavis.edu.


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