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Beyond the Small Talk

Headline: Beyond the Small Talk

Name: Ayn Reyes

Year: Senior

Major: Human development


What influenced you to choose your major?

I was originally a genetics major, but I realized if I went on that path, I would probably end up going into research. I’m interested more in the human interaction aspects of genetics, and I want to go into genetic counseling, so I can do that with human development instead.


What interests you about human development as a major?

I’m definitely a people person, and that makes up a huge part of human development. I’m interested in the human lifespan, and as far as genetics go I’m interested in inherited traits. Like, with all the new research coming out they’re realizing that more and more stuff that we thought was just due to chance is actually due to your genes, which I think is really interesting.


What do you want to do with your major after you graduate from UC Davis?

I’ve applied to graduate schools in genetic counseling, and I’m waiting to hear back right now. Otherwise, I’ll probably go into teaching.


Are you involved in any other outside activities or internships?

I have an internship at the Discovery Preschool in Davis on F Street. I intern there six hours a week. I’m also the president of SASV, which is Students Against Sexual Violence. We have events going on all month for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, so be sure to check it out!


What do you like about it?

The kids are hilarious! They’re 3- and 4-year-olds, so they’re at a really excellent age. They’re not too little to not be able to do fun stuff with, but they’re not old enough to be sassy! Three and 4 is just a really excellent age as far as interacting goes.


How did you become involved in your internship?

I actually got hooked up through the internship coordinator in my major. We have a really excellent internship coordinator, Rita, and she helped me out with that.


What are some of your favorite classes?

Right now I’m taking Emotionally Disturbed Children, which is really interesting. I took a haunted house English class when I was a freshman, and that was kind of cool. I took a class on the contemporary American family last quarter, which was really awesome too.


Who are your favorite teachers?

Oh my god, Henry McHenry in the anthropology department! And Caroline Keane, in the biology department.


Any advice to current human development majors, or people considering becoming human development majors?

If you’re already in the major, just study hard! And if you’re thinking about human development as a major, change it sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the longer you prolong your stay at Davis, not that that’s bad! But the longer you wait, the harder it is to get into the classes that you need. So change quickly, or take classes from human development before you actually change so you get a feel for it as opposed to just walking into it blindly.


What would be your top choice for graduate school?

There are only three graduate schools that are accredited that offer genetic counseling in California, and my top choice would have to be CSU Stanislaus, in Turlock.


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