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Editorial: Picnic Day

The 94th Annual Picnic Day is just around the corner, and the Davis community is sitting at the edge of its proverbial seat. For those unfamiliar with the event, Picnic Day is a campuswide open house that aims to bring together various groups in a celebration of the richness and diversity of student life.

But why do people choose to partake in Picnic Day? This answer may vary depending on who you ask.

To the faculty and administration, Picnic Day is an opportunity to interact with the students and browse various academic departments to see what they have accomplished. It is also a chance for them to outreach to the community and show what UC Davis has to offer.

For visiting families and prospective students, Picnic Day is a chance to get a taste of what UC Davis is all about. Prospective students will see first-hand what it means to not just be any college student, but an Aggie. For many visitors, this will be the first time they’ve been exposed to the campus, and it is the campus community’s responsibility to make a positive first impression.

To many students, Picnic Day is a chance to showcase the past year’s worth of hard work. Engineering students can demonstrate their robotic creations in the annual Micro Mouse Competition. Fashion Design students can showcase their clothing lines in the Runway Designers Club’s annual fashion show. Film students can screen their movies at the annual Asian American Association Film Festival. It is a day to make the admissions office proud.

However, to many other students, Picnic Day might as well be called “Drunken Saturday.” There is an unspoken understanding between students and the administration about the tradition of many to attend Picnic Day inebriated. While this tradition has not yet significantly impeded the overall Picnic Day experience, students are always urged to stay safe and smart.

May heavy drinking not weigh down others. May weiner dogs run like greyhounds. And may Picnic Day, for the 94th straight year, be enjoyed by all.


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