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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Upcoming Seminars


Plant-Mediated Indirect Competitionbetween Insect Herbivores Implications for Weed Biological Control

James Nechols

122Briggs,noon to1p.m.

Sponsored by the entomology department


L-PeachA Crop Model That Can Be Useful to Horticulturalists,Physiologists,Molecular Biologists and Breeders

Ted DeJong

3001Plant and Environmental Sciences,12:10to1p.m.

Sponsored by the plantsciences department


California’s Climate Change Policy Implementation

Andrew Altevogt

3001Plant and Environmental Sciences,4to5:30p.m.

Sponsored by theJohn Muir Institute of the Environment


TviA:Salmonellatyphi‘s Switch to Stealth Mode

Sebastian Winter

1022Life Sciences,4:10to5p.m.

Sponsored by the microbiology department



Presenilins Function as ER Calcium Leak Channels Implications for Alzheimer’s Disease

Ilya Bezprozvanny

1022Life Sciences,12:10to1p.m.

Sponsored by the neurobiology,physiology andbehavior section


Serpents and Dragons in the Human Genome:Analysis and Assembly of Centromeric DNA

Huntington Willard

1022Life Sciences,4:10to5p.m.

Sponsored by theCollege ofBiological Sciences



The Development of RNA-based Therapeutics:A Path Less Traveled

Brian Johnston

1022Life Sciences,11a.m.tonoon

Sponsored by theBiotechnologyProgram


Negative Regulation of Growth Receptors

Kermit Carraway

6202Genome and Biomedical Sciences Facility,12:10to1p.m.

Sponsored by thePharmacology and Toxicology Graduate Group


All Roads Lead to Auxin:Regulation of Axillary Meristem Initiation in the Maize Inflorescence

Paula McSteen

1022Life Sciences,12:10to1p.m.

Sponsored by thePlant Biology Graduate Group


3D Graphics and Animation:Simulation and Time

Steve McNiel


Sponsored by the landscapearchitecture department


Impacts of Port Gate Operations on the Highway System:A Case Study

Genevieve Giuliano


Sponsored by theInstitute ofTransportation Studies


Heresy of Paraphrase

Ernest Lepore

1231Social Sciences and Humanities,3:10to5p.m.

Sponsored by the philosophy department



Testing Hypotheses of Isolationbetween Populations using Phylogeography and Population Genetics

Rachel Schwartz


Sponsored by the animalscience department


Viroids:Then and Now

Bob Owens


Sponsored by the plantpathology department


Life on the Edge:The Nature and Origins of Protein Misfolding Diseases

David L.Weaver

1005Genome and Biomedical Sciences,3to4p.m.

Sponsored by theGenomeCenter


The Politics of Quality in the Global Economy

Ann Anagnost


Sponsored by the anthropology department


Selective Modulation of Glucocorticoid Receptor Action

Wally Wang

1309Surge III,4:10to5p.m.

Sponsored by the nutrition department



Early Events inColorectal Cancer Initiation– Mitotic Errors,Tetraploids and Cancer Cell Evolution

Ken Kaplan

California National Primate Research Center Seminar Hall,12:10to1p.m.

Sponsored by theCenter for Comparative Medicine


More seminars can be found at calendar.ucdavis.edu.If you’dlike topublisha seminar here,send an e-mail toscience@californiaaggie.com.XXX



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