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A week to remember: Tegan and Sara Quin

Yes,they are identical twins fromCanada.And yes,they are also lesbians.But audience members got to see another side of musical duo Tegan and Sara when they took the stage Monday night at Freeborn Hall.

Despite the darkly melodic tones of their latest albumThe Con,Monday’s show took a positively lighter-hearted approach as sisters Tegan and Sara Quin took breaks to talk to the audience in between songs.Exchanges of sibling banter,hockey debates,talks ofJacuzzi bum sexand an unexpected wardrobe change accompanied the set.It was a personal touch from the two in an attempt to connectwith everyone in the audience and evoke a more intimate and casual living room-vibe,regardless of the venue’s actual size.

Tegan and Sara set the mood off on a strong note withDark Come Soon.The show consisted primarily of songs fromThe Con,their fifth full-length album released in July2007:Back In Your Head,” “Nineteen,” “The ConandI Was Marriedwere among the set list.

The two also performed songs that can now be considered Tegan and Sara classics – “Walking with a GhostandSpeak Slow,both from the2004releaseSo Jealous.However,a request from someone in the audience forMonday Monday Mondayoff of their2002albumIf It Was Youwas sadly unobserved,andWhere Does the Good Go?,a song that was featured on the ABC show“Grey’s Anatomy, was also absent from the set list.

As they dabbled in expanding theirinstrumentation onThe Con,the two were supported in full force with their backing band,consisting ofEdwardTedGowans on guitar and keyboard,bassist Shaun Huberts and drummer Johnny Andrews.However,the ensemble didn’t work to overpower the vocals of Tegan and Sara.For those who wonder which one adopts the role as the lead singer of the two,the answer isneither:The stage was equally divided,as each sang the lead of her own songboth use their signature piercing vocals to mesh with and support the other rather than to compete for the limelight.

Serving as the opening act for the show was Australian indie pop pair An Horse.Featuring Damon Cox on the drums and vocals from lead guitarist Kate Cooper,the two-piece band evoked a dynamic reminiscent of duo Mates of State and influences from headlining act Tegan and Sara with songs likeCompanyandCampOut.The duo also took the opportunity to sharepersonalanecdotes of culture shocksuch as Cooper’s first trip to Wal-Mart.

Prior to Monday’s show,the ASUCD Entertainment Councilawarded five student ticket holdersa chance to hang out with Tegan and Sara.An impromptu hockey game in Freeborn Hall took place before the show instead of the scheduled session of bowlingavid hockey fans,Tegan and Sara have a goal to play a game of hockey in every stop on their show.The down-to-earth personalities of the Quins helped to relieve the stresses of anystar-struckfan.

“I was expecting it to be all awkward,said Jennifer Giang,a first-year Asian American studies major who won the contest.But it was fun.

“They automatically introduced themselves to us,saidfirst-yeartechnocultural studies major Aaron Skilken.And they’re fromCalgary,who actually just lost a hockey game to the San Jose Sharks,so there was some banter back and forth between us.

-Rachel Filipinas




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