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Friday, May 17, 2024




Scotland Barr & The Slow Drags,Kris Anaya


Old Ironsides inSacramento

The six-pieceAmericana rock band brings greetings fromPortland,using the catchiness factor to draw in country and rock fans alike.Look to anything from Jimmy Buffet to the Jayhawks for parallels.


Body or Brain,Week Long Project


Turtle House

B’s are pretty popular these days think about bears,beets or“Battlestar Galactica. Well I’ll be bouncing my behind to the beats of bothbbands,and you best be also! Techy pop punkers Body or Brain give the impression thatNapa is a pretty happeninplace.In actuality,they probably sit in their rooms listening to Blink182and writing upbeat jams all day for lack of more fun things to do.


The Angel Devil,Automatic Rival


The GSt.Pub

Good and evil unite under one name,possessing more edge than softness.Think a little toward the style ofAC/DCand you might realize Angel is probably more ironic than accurate for featured band on the Dane CookTourgasm soundtrack.


El Olio Wolof,Nick Jaina,Silver Darling


Sophia’s Thai Kitchen

What Davis-ite doesn’t thirst for lyrical honesty about drugs and love,or dark flawless instrumentation? Look no further than Nick Jaina and company.MaybeCocaineis your jam,but expect fresh tracks fromWool,an album written in an equally sedated state.


Dame Satan,The Chapin Sisters,Two Sheds


Delta of Venus

What is white,ruffly and comes in threes? Los AngelesThe Chapin Sisters a trio of harmonizing folk musicians who will have you hypnotized within seconds.They’ll be joined by the equally soothing couple Two Sheds out ofSacramento.Last to put you under a spell are the deep,dark folk ballads ofSan Francisco’s Dame Satan.


CrashNormal!; Mayyors; SicAlps!; New Thrill Parade,Vampire Hands


DAM House

It’s a clusterf*** of loud,fast bands for you in the greater genre of noise/experimental.CrashNormal! is fromFrance,and the two-piece has a local connection withSacramento’s S-S Records.


The Pine Box Boys


Sophia’s Thai Kitchen

To those at Sophia’s on Saturday,The Pine Box Boys will say,We’re glad you came,it’s good to see you here.The banjo-ridden,belly-scowling Boys tell horror stories,send out death threats and will provide a relentless evening of so-calledbar songs.


Blue Cranes,Ebu Gogo,Afternoon Brother,The Standard Tribesman


Delta of Venus

Blue Cranes are part of a larger effort to sustain the jazz community of their home inPortland.Be wary,though,that their approach to jazz music is slightly skewed in an ambient,experimental direction.For more on Blue Cranesmost recent release,the full-lengthHoming Patterns,see page __.


Boca DoRio


Old Ironsides inSacramento

It’s time for Brazilian music fanatics to crawl out of their urban caves for their monthly dose of high-energy live entertainment.This month’s featured Brazilian Music Showcase will be the Bay Area’s highly accomplished Boca Do Rio,who blends Brazilian and Portugese influence with that of California living.


Magik Daggers,Mental Stagnation


Davis Media Access

Is anyone old-school or obscure enough to remember Get Hustle,Antioch Arrow or Holy Molar? Portland’s Magik Daggers taste tested all these bandsmembers and cookedup a new experimental ensemble.


Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks,The Joggers

Monday,9p.m.,$15in advance and$18at the door,21

Harlows inSacramento

You might not know,but youhaveStephen Malkmus to thank for the inspiration on your modern indie rock heroes with his largely influential stature during the90s as Pavement’s frontman.Malkmussolo career started in2001and has been backed by the Jicks ever since.The historical headliners will be joined by an equally jovial and mathy classicindie Portlanders,The Joggers.




Judith Gefter:Merce Cunningham and Dancers


Pence Gallery

Gefter’s exhibit consists of candid,behind the scenes and performance photographs of the1985Merce Cunningham Dance company originally printed in Vuemagazine.Goto the reception and witness the interesting story behind the photographs,whichwill be on display until May1.


PostSecretDavis:Awareness Edition

Now through Friday

Griffin Lounge,MemorialUnion

Celebrate Sexual Assault Awareness Month with a little more creativity by reading the artistic confessions of anonymous post cards sent in,aiming to promote using your voice.The submissions will be on display and can be seen duringGriffin hours until Friday.




Curtain Call at City Hall Comedy Show



The headliner for this weekly comedy bit is Andrew Norelli,who has charmed watchers of“The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.Also featuring laughs from Reggie Steele of BayArea descent and the evening will be hosted by Mikhail Chernyavsky.




Back Roads

Thursday through Sunday at7p.m.

Main Theatre,Wright Hall

This is a multifaceted performance concocted by MFA Candidates Sara Zimmerman and Victor Toman.Be taken on a path of no return at this free theatre and dance department event!


Merce Cunningham Dance Company

Friday and Saturday at8p.m.,$37for non-students and$14for students

Jackson Hall,MondaviCenter for the Performing Arts

Saturday evening will include a pre-performance lecture and a Q&A session will take place after both evenings.The choreography will be soundtracked by Kronos Quartet for thepieceeyeSpace,andSplit Slideswill also take the stage,backed with music by Radiohead and Sigur Rós.


Lishi and Traditional Chinese Movement

Friday through Sunday

University Club

This free workshop will challenge attendees to live a more balanced,relaxed and exercise-full lifestyle.Put on by the Chinese something and led by the instruction of the InternationalDaoist.




Sweeny Todd

Friday at7p.m.only at the Quad.

Itching for the movies in central park? Well,this is just as good goto theQuad for a free outdoor screening of Tim Burton’s newest film,thanks to the Campus Cinema.


The Counterfeiters

Opens Friday at the Varsity Theatre onSecond Street

It’s an Academy Award Winner for best foreign language film,about a Nazi POW known to be the greatest counterfeiter of all time,based on a true story.


Access Nation

Friday at7p.m.only at600FourthSt.inSacramento.

An interesting documentary about public access shows around the nation,brought to you bySacramento’s Movies on a Big Screen for just$5.


Robot Media XX


Come view the movies motivated by the themes of either David Bowie orCanada,heck maybe even both! Then voting for a new theme goes down,yada yadayada,you know the deal.



El Olio Wolof,Nick Jaina,Silver Darling

Friday at Sophia’s

Dame Satan,The Chapin Sisters,Two Sheds

Saturday at Delta of Venus




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