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Davis, California

Monday, April 22, 2024

Editorial: Measure J

Davis residents have a desire to preserve the open-space and agricultural areas of their community; it was this thinking that led to the passage of Measure J in2000.Measure J requires voter approval for any proposed urban developmenton open-space or agricultural land and is currently on track to expire in2010.Whether the measure will be renewed or not will be determined by theDavisCity Council.

Because of this,the upcomingCity Councilelection is attracting a great deal of attention fromDavis locals who want candidates to make their positions on Measure J clear.The six CityCouncil hopefuls have thus far avoided doing so at City Council meetings.

By not discussing this issue before the election,the candidates are doing the city ofDavis a great disservice.Voters have a right to know the likely impact of their vote.With such an important issue about to be placed in the hands of theCity Council,residents should have someidea what those hands would do.

It is quite evident that people inDavis care about this issue a great deal; the only time Measure J has been invoked,voters decided against the development ofCovellVillage,voting that they did not want to annex agricultural land to make way for a housing development.

City Council meetings,where members of the public have asked candidates to make their positions on the topic clear,are not the appropriate venue for such adiscussion.The candidates should campaign about the issue on their own time or at specially designed candidate forums.Statements regarding candidate positions should not be made onCity Counciltime or withDavis taxpayer dollars.

City Councilcandidates currently running for electionshould make their position on Measure J known as soon as possible.It is imperative that voters know exactly who they are voting for.The argument that the issue should be addressed after the election is flatly untenable at best and not in keeping with the best interests ofDavis residents.


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