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Dining in Davis: 3rd in U Café

I have waited months for this moment,for this chance,and it has finally come.3rd& U Cafe has finally opened.Often,you need to wait a little bit for great things:the first space launch,sex and the reunion of the Spice Girls.Subsequently,the cafe follows suit well.

3rd & U Cafe starts with a pretty good-looking menu.At first I actually thought it was a mirror,but the words convinced me otherwise.With possibilities of breakfast,lunch and dinner,the restaurant knows when I like my meals.I went for breakfast and lunch,just to get a good idea of the difference between the two.

Breakfast sandwiches.I think this is the first time I have had one outside my own house,and to be honest,it did not seem possible to be able to order one in a restaurant.However,its a good addition to the menu.Its an easy sandwich to make,especially the egg,bacon and cheese sandwich I ordered for$3.50.It is also very difficult to ruin such a simple sandwich,and thankfully,3rd & U Cafe made the sandwich well.

The one complaint I have is that it is very greasy.The parchment paper covering my plate was completely see-through by the end of the meal,with some excess oil there also.I do appreciate the extra effort in which it seems the bread was pan-toasted instead of oven-toasted.

My friend also wanted to try the coffee.She ordered the caramel macchiato,and enjoyed it.As a regular patron of Starbucks,she assured me that her coffee at3rd & U was rich andpretty good.I attribute this fact to the sign posted next to the coffee machine that dictates if workershave not mastered steaming milk,they must not attempt making a cappuccino.Im certain this same philosophy applies for all coffees,though.

Lunch meals.As a fan of spicy foods,I went for theSpicyBuffalo Chicken Sandwich– their quotation marks,not minefor$5.25.Take it from someone who orders buffalo items frequently:It is very easy to mess up spicy chicken sauce.It can be a bad recipe,have too little or too muchsauce.

But theSpicyBuffalo Chicken Sandwich was well executed.I say that not just because I hear it a lot onTop Chef,but also because I truly believe it.It was a chicken patty with lettuce,tomato,provolone cheese,buffalo sauce (buffalo meaning spicy) and ranch dressing.Thats right,they actually know that people are going to want ranch sauce in their spicy chicken sandwiches.And the bun was delicious,too.All in all,the sandwich was very good.

Cool deals.Add$2to any meal to get a fountain drink with fries,Caesarsalad orpotato salad.I did this with the“SpicyBuffalo Chicken Sandwich,and I was full without being able to finish the fries,which are not bad,by the way.

Atmosphere.In the morning it was loud,not from people,butfromsome jazzy tunes.At lunch it was loud because of people,because it gets sufficiently crowded.Make sure you have about20free minutes if you want to eat at lunch,but I have no idea what dinnertime is like.There is a largeflat screen television over the coffee bar,and when I was there,Home Improvementwas running.Dont worry,the staff turns off the sound so you don’t have to hear Tim Allen’s grunts.You only have to watch them.

Final note.It was worth the wait.The prices are very affordable,thereis a large variety of choices (including vegetarian ones beyond grilled cheese) and the atmosphere is a comfortable one (there is a patio outside where you can).Plus,its really easy to find,since the name is the location,as long as you keep in mind that“U stands for University,not the letter or an AIM version ofyou.


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In review:

3rd and U Cafe

223Third St.

Hours:Monday to Friday from8a.m.to8p.m.

Food: 1/2




Food and ambience quality


I’m eating here everyday

Almost like eating at home

Better than my roommate’s cooking

Only if I’m starving






$$graduate student/alum$10-$15




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