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Verona subdivision proposal includes affordable housing

Regis Homes of Sacramento proposed a residential project at the corner of Fifth Street and Alhambra Drive. The Verona Project, according to the city’s website, will cover an 8.55-acre vacant parcel of land.

The project must be reviewed by the Planning Commission, which will then make a recommendation to the Davis City Council. The council will decide to approve or deny the project before the builder can start the construction phase.

“If we get it approved by early summer, assuming we get it approved, it takes about six to eight months before the project is started,” said Bill Heartman, president of the Regis Homes of Sacramento. “Construction wouldn’t start until first part of next year and the delivery of the units would be about the end of 2009.”

The project includes affordable housing prices, which are set by the city, and market rate prices. Of the 83 two-story single family homes, 45 will be market rate units, 21 low-moderate income units and 17 middle income units.

The resident selection for the low and middle income units will be determined by an application and lottery process. Applications are reviewed to check for income qualifications and those who are approved enter the lottery.

“Everybody gets at least one ticket. If individuals are employees in or around the city, including the UC, they get four tickets and two if they are seniors or a person with a disability,” said Danielle Foster, housing and human services superintendent.

The project addresses the city’s housing shortage issue.

“Davis is traditionally a very slow-growth community,” Heartman said. “There have been very few new home projects over the years, particularly when we pair them to Woodland, Dixon and West Sacramento. When you compare, [Davis has] almost no growth.”

Ten percent, or .855 acres of the area will be contributed as greenbelt, and 1.087 acres will become part of the Mace Ranch Park, located adjacent to the parcel.

“A good thing is that there is going to be a greenbelt and park dedication,” said city planner Cathy Camacho. “I think people are worried about what’s going to happen to the park. This project will donate almost an acre of park land to Mace Ranch Park and there will be a greenbelt between the existing homes and the new homes.”

According to the city’s website, the land is designated Residential Medium-Density, which allows a maximum of 16.79 units per acre, or 110 units. The Verona Projectproposes a total of 83 units, or 12.56 units per acre, well below this requirement.

“This was a site that was right next to the park and was in the middle of the Mace Ranch master plan, and a good place to put medium density housing,” Heartman said. “We have woven those affordable units into the 83 units we are proposing to build.”

Neighbors will be notified by mail of the upcoming planning and City Council meetings. The Planning Commission meeting for the Verona Proposal will be May 28.


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