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Sunday, December 5, 2021

The Paint Chip changes ownership

A distinct mural splashed with pizzazz adorns the eastern wall of The Paint Chip, an art supplies and custom framing store located at 217 F St.

“[The mural is] kind of a way to not only enhance downtown Davis, but also create an eye catcher for visitors,” said the new co-owner of the store Maia Wilson. “It has a local business feel to it and it certainly gets people’s attention. It portrays what downtown Davis is about.”

The Paint Chip changed hands in March after continuous ownership for three generations.

Previous owner Clint Winger sold the store to Wilson and her fiancé Brian Sturges because he was retiring. Wilson, who served as the production manager for six years at The Paint Chip, loved her job and did not want the art store to change to the hands of a different owner.

“I didn’t want to see any dramatic changes to the store,” Wilson said. “I love what I do here working with customers and framing – so my decision is continuing the Paint Chip.”

The Paint Chip was established in 1988 and originally sold house paint. As time progressed, the store provided art supplies and customized framing.

“We provide custom frames and every color and every type of paint – watercolor, acrylic and anything else you can think of,” Sturges said.

The store, however, is renowned for its custom framing.

“We do very complex, totally customized types of framing, and we have a very wide range of complexity in our designs,” Wilson said. “Our custom framing is on the top of the line.”

Wilson and Sturges both agree customer service is very important at The Paint Chip. Sturges, who has been in Davis since October, believes the store provides top-notch customer service.

“Customer service is the biggest thing,” Sturges said. “Keeping our customers happy is the important thing. The quality and the customer service we provide is above and beyond any other art store that I can think of.”

In addition, the store also has sales and clearances frequently.

“Every Sunday, we have a coupons,” Sturges said. “[They] come in the newspaper and in the coupon booklets.”

Despite the new ownership, there will be no new plans or changes to the store, Wilson said.

“We may have new ideas how to put ourselves out there,” she said. “As for the store, the services and products will remain the same.”

Even though The Paint Chip has a great reputation, the prices may be a bit expensive for students.

“I’ve actually never been inside, but I’ve heard that they have a great variety and quality in their supplies,” said UC Davis sophomore English and art studio double major Mikaela Reilly. “I’m thinking of investing money for an easel, and I’ll definitely check out The Paint Chip for other options.”

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