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ASUCD Gender and Sexuality Commission hosts first-ever drag brunch at Student Community Center

The event featured both drag performers from and outside of UC Davis and LGBTQIA+ trivia 


By JORDAN POLTORAK — campus@theaggie.org


On April 5, the ASUCD Gender and Sexuality Commission (GASC) hosted a drag brunch from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Student Community Center. The event featured four drag performers and an intermission of LGBTQIA+ trivia. 

Two of the performers, Komolika and Srobin, are UC Davis students. Hard Kandi and Ivory Haze, drag performers who are not UC Davis students, were also contacted by ASUCD to perform.

Komolika started the show to “Vogue” by Madonna with a lip-sync and dance, which received large cheers from the audience. 

“It’s so fun to watch people express themselves. Everyone is so welcoming and so supportive of all the queens performing,” Chelsea Sun, a second-year student, said.

Throughout all of the performances, audience members cheered from every corner of the room. The audience’s enthusiasm was felt by Ivory Haze.

“There was more energy in this room than BearDive some days,” Ivory Haze said in regard to the bar where they typically perform. 

Each performer brought their own style to the show. Komolika’s performance included elements of Bollywood in music, clothing and dance. Hard Kandi incorporated props such as a rotary phone and a fake guitar to smash. 

The intermission included LGBTQIA+ trivia from around the world. This allowed students to team up, get to know each other better and gain knowledge on LGBTQIA+ history as a whole.

“You can be whoever you want to be in Davis,” Stella Moynihan, a third-year student said.

This is evident as Srobin is both a second-year statistics major and drag artist.

“I like the contrast between doing drag and being a math diva, but there is an intersection as well that I enjoy,” Srobin said.

Volunteers from GASC planned and ran the entire event, from decorating the space to inviting the drag performers and introducing each act. 

This was the first drag brunch put on by ASUCD, and the event had so many attendees that those who had not signed up in advance were turned away at the door. 

“Events like this are amazing because there is [a] huge overlap between the queer community and the bar scene,” Hard Kandi said. “For young queer kids, it is great to have events that are not necessarily linked to nightlife.”

Written by: Jordan Poltorak — campus@theaggie.org


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