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Cute vs. funny girl

During a barbeque I went to last weekend, a friend of mine was talking about how he had recently (and reluctantly) bonked a girl whom he wasn’t too enthralled about. As usual, a few guys started chiming in and said the only reason why he was lamenting so much was because she was probably fug. He responded that in actuality, she was very pretty – she simply wasn’t funny enough.

I asked him if being funny is as important as he made it seem. Likewise, his other friend explained how he preferred to sleep with pretty girls at the moment, while his youth and charm were at their peak. Personality, he mused, can be worried about later, when it really started to matter.

So what’s more desirable, a cute girl or funny girl? Guys out there will most likely claim to want the latter, but those poor fools aren’t always aware how shallow they really are (just kidding boys, teehee!) I mean, a pretty face really goes a long way. It can get you free drinks, a cut in line, a promotion, a boyfriend and so on.

A cute face can also make the girl seem funnier than she really is. Think about it: all those quirky things about your girl you find “funny” are actually just adorable because you find her so damn cute in the first place (i.e., the way she hocks a loogey, curses like a sailor, crinkles her nose, cheats on you with your best friend, etc.).

Case in point: Basically every movie about a persistently annoying but gosh-darn irresistible girl whom you grow to love (Jeon Ji-hyun in My Sassy Girl, Jessica Alba in Good Luck Chuck, the ghoul in The Grudge). There was also this music video I saw about an anonymous hot girl at a club. She made eye contact with the leading man, followed him outside without his knowledge, pushed him against a wall, made out with him and then ran away laughing. The rest of the video consisted of him trying to find this ever-intriguing girl.

Now imagine the same thing, but with like, a 400-pound behemoth with eczema on her face. Not so cute, ain’t it?! Both girls did the same exact “kooky” thing, but only one came off as cute/funny and therefore, gets sought out by the guy. True, the guy in the other scenario still might want to find his mystery girl, but only in hopes to report her to the police and/or get a chance to stab her in the stomach because he does not want another guy to fall victim of this alley-lurking-she-hulk.

Admit it, guys say they want a girl that can make them laugh… as long as it isn’t with her face. In fact, they might just be satisfied with a girl who can “understand” humor, rather than a girl who can “create” humor.

I actually didn’t make up this concept; the same friend of mine did when he was talking about the two types of funny girls. The first is a girl who can understand a joke, laugh at funny movies and shows and can recognize a good quote here and there. The second type is someone who can, “like you know, be funny. Tell a joke or some shit.” And that’s really all he said about the second type, so I’m guessing it’s a working theory. He said that he preferred the second type, although few exist to his knowledge.

But then again, do few funny girls really exist, or do guys just pay no mind to them because they’re not considered “feminine”? Some say that humor is a guy thing and if a girl is funny, it’s probably because she has a hint of manliness in her. (And if something manages to remain feminine, it’s something that guys don’t find funny at all – like “Sex and the City.”) Sure, a guy wants someone who can dish out the playful banter in private, but in front of his buddies, she can’t be too funny lest she unknowingly emasculates her own boyfriend.

Okay, my views on guys may be bleak, but I’m only talking from experience. My friend Vanna once had a boyfriend who she could laugh with, wasn’t afraid of burping or eating Buffalo wings with and just be herself with. At first he said it was so adorable. Then a couple months went by and he started asking her why she never dressed up, wore makeup or shaved her legs as much as other girls. He eventually left her for some cute tart and well, you know the rest. Cute girl: 123,456,789. Funny girl: 0.


LYNN LA never said she was going to finish her other story anytime soon. She’ll tell you the rest when she’s good and ready (which will probably just be next week). In any case, she’d like to know your thoughts on humor, girls and looks. But remember that when you e-mailher at ldla@ucdavis.edu, ALL CAPS MEANS THAT YOU’RE YELLING AND SHE DOESN’T CARE IF IT’S ACCIDENTAL!


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