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Campus judicial report


A first-year student was referred to Student Judicial Affairs for stealing a CD player from the bookstore. The student displayed suspicious activity while shopping in the bookstore, which alerted the attention of the security monitors. After purchasing a textbook from the bookstore, the student was asked to show his receipt and refused to do so. The student and his accomplice proceeded to make threatening remarks and then discarded the electronic device in a nearby restroom. The student agreed to pay for the damaged device and will be on deferred dismissal status until fall quarter 2008.


Stealing another’s work

A senior was referred to the SJA office for the second time for altering another student’s work and claiming it as his own. Upon meeting with an SJA officer, he denied putting his name and student ID number on the paper and claimed to have no knowledge of how the information got there. However, another student came in to look for his work and found that his name had been replaced with other student’s. The student was suspended through winter quarter 2009 and will be on deferred dismissal status for the remainder of his time at UC Davis. In addition, the student agreed to complete 25 hours of community service with the Learning Skills Center.


Providing false information

A student of senior standing was referred to the SJA office for the third time for providing falsified information on a midterm examination. The student denied that she had written a false name on her exam and submitted it for a grade. The student then claimed that the professor must have lost her exam. However, the instructor stated that when the student came in to pick up her exam, the fact that no student matching the name on the submitted exam was enrolled in the class had already been established. The student later admitted that she had written another student’s name on the exam because she did very poorly on it, and was found to be in violation of the Student Code of Conduct. She received suspension until winter quarter 2009.


The Campus Judicial Report is compiled by student members of the Campus Judicial Board. Additional information about SJA and the Campus Judicial Board may be found at sja.ucdavis.edu.


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