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UC Davis sees increase in freshman applicants

Freshman applications were on the rise for fall 2008, which means more competition for admission to UC Davis for the upcoming school year.

Out of the 40,568students who applied this fall, 21,256, or 52.4percent were admitted to the university. About 5,000 of the admitted students are expected to enroll as freshman in the fall, said Pamela Burnett, director of undergraduate admissions at UC Davis in an e-mail interview.

The number is an increase from the 34,854studentsthat applied for admission last year.Of the fall 2008 applicants, 20,473 or 58.4percent were accepted.

The mean grade point average of UC Davis applicants has also increased from last year’s 3.89 to this year’s 3.94,according to a UC Davis press release.

“The public is becoming more aware of UC Davis as a top-tier university,with diverse,high-qualityand interdisciplinary majors,abundant opportunities for undergraduate researchand internships and leadership development,Burnett said.“Ourcutting-edge facilities,beautiful campus,college-town setting and altruistic atmosphere are also attractive.

Katie Schott ofSacramento said she decided to attend UC Davis because she loves the townofDavis.

“It’s so comforting [and] very homey,she said in anonline interview.

Domestic out-of-state students make up4.2percent ofadmissions; 2.3percent are international students.

Asian Americanstudents account for7,445admitted students,while7,005admitsare Caucasian,3,207are Chicano/Latino,537areAfrican American,87are American Indian and280students identified themselves as belonging to other ethnic groups,according to the University ofCalifornia Officeof the President.A total of1,201applicants declined to state ethnicity.

“The admitted students are highly qualified and diverse,and we lookforward to welcoming a very talented enrolled class in the fall,Burnett said.

“I choseDavis because I thought the campus was amazing and I am interested in both [the] academics and athletics,said admittedstudentMike McCormick,ofCarlsbad,Calif.

UC Berkeley and UCLA proved to be the most competitive UC campuses for spring2008,admitting8,615 (22.2percent) of38,740applicants and10,319 (22.1percent) of46,678applicantsrespectively,according to the UC office of the president.


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