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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Upcoming Seminars



The Epidemiology and Control of Malaria– Updating the Classical Paradigm

David Smith

122Briggs,noon to1p.m.

Sponsored by theentomology department


Australian Weed Eradication Research

Dane Panetta

3001Plant and Environmental Sciences,12:10to1p.m.

Sponsored by theplant sciences department


The Identification and Characterization of Novel Longevity Regulators in Yeast

Erin Easlon

1022Life Sciences,4:10to5p.m.

Sponsored by themicrobiology department


Challenges and Opportunities forCalifornia Agriculture in Responding to Climate Change

Steve Shaffer

3001Plant and Environmental Sciences,4to5:30p.m.

Sponsored bythe John Muir Institute of the Environment



Associative Processes in Episodic Memory

Michael Kahana

267Cousteau Place,12:10to1p.m.

Sponsored by theCenter for Mind and Brain



Genetic and Chemical Approaches to Delivering Improved Performance in Crops

Lynne Reuber

1022Life Sciences,11a.m.tonoon

Sponsored by theBiotechnology Program


Apoptosis and Epidermal Sphingolipids in Skin Disorders

Walter Holleran

6202Genome and Biomedical Sciences Facility,noon to1p.m.

Sponsored by thePharmacology and Toxicology Graduate Group


Green Roofs,Green Futures

Josiah Cain


Sponsored by thelandscape architecture department


Molecular Mechanisms of Caloric Restriction and Longevity? Regulation Insights from Budding Yeast

Su-Ju Lin

1005Genome Biomedical Sciences,12:10to1p.m.

Sponsored by theSchool ofMedicine:Medical Microbiology and Immunology


Phytonutrient Biochemistry for Crop Improvement and Human Health

Li Tian

1022Life Sciences,12:10to1p.m.

Sponsored by thePlant Biology Graduate Group


Sustainable StreetsEmerging Priorities and Practices

Ellen Greenberg


Sponsored by theInstitute ofTransportation Studies



Establishment of a Delta Smelt Refugial Population:Lessonsfrom Other Species,Challenges and Current Status

Bradd Baskerville-Bridges


Sponsored by theCenter for Aquatic Biology and Aquaculture


Building Better Tools for Biotechnology Research from Tobacco Mosaic Virus

John Lindbo


Sponsored by theplant pathology department


Nutrition and ImmunityRevelationsfrom Birds

Kirk Klasing


Sponsored by theanimal science department


Agricultural Ergonomics Research at UC Davis:Past,Present and Future

Fadi Fathallah


Sponsored by thePublic Health Sciences,WesternCenter for Agricultural Health and Safety



Why Do Listeners Enjoy Music That Makes Them Weep?

Valente Lecture


Sponsored by themusicdepartmentCenter for Mind and Brain


More seminars can be found at calendar.ucdavis.edu.If you’d like to publish a seminar here,send an e-mail toscience@californiaaggie.com.XXX



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