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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Editorial: AB3034

The proposed construction of a highspeed rail for travel between the San Francisco Bay Area and San Diego brings expedient happiness in terms of travel convenience and new leisurely opportunity.But more importantly, AB3034– the Reliable High Speed Passenger Bond Act to help fund the railroadvoices an important advancement in statewide planning that will have infinite benefits for Californians.

Ahigh speed rail system of 800miles will connect parts of the state that are currently difficult to travel between due to theexpansive central valley.It will connect large metropolitan economies so that people whose work demandsthey go between these distanced areas can do so with ease.This type of spatial connection has proven itself in other areas of theUnited States,for example in the railway system that crisscrosses New England,fostering close connections between cities such asPhiladelphia andNew York.

Statewide planning also has a more profound impact on the environment thanthe efforts ofan individual city or metropolitan area.The carbon impact of air travel is immense,and the short flight between Northern andSouthern California is especially wasteful.With ahigh speed rail running an electric bullet train,air quality is uncompromised and more sustainable consumer practices are promoted.

Hopefully,AB3034willfind itself on the ballot this June,as it has been postponed in the past twostateelections.For young voters,this is an important decision rooted in the future of environmental issues.By voting for ahigh speed rail,we may be more proactive in long term sustainable planning for ourstate and increasing its unity.


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