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Five questions with Lead singer and guitarist Alexi Glickman from The Botticellis

Editors note: MUSE offers a monthly feature to highlight artists in and out of Davis that impact our community. This monthsFive Questionsis with Alexi Glickman, the lead singer and guitarist of the San Francisco-based band The Botticellis. They will be performing Saturday at Sophias Thai Kitchen, along with Band of Annuals and Leslie and the Badgers. For more information on the band, go to thebotticellis.com.

1. Howd you settle on this name for your band?

Botticelli means little barrel.It was a term [from] childhood. Since the sound of the band is definitely a lot more of a surf sound than our previous projects, we thought itd be perfect.

2. I see youve played with some pretty big bands (Feist, Grizzly Bear, Cake). Who was your favorite and why?

One of my favorites was Papercuts; weve played with him. Hed helped us with a couple of songs on our record. I think what he does is really some of the best stuff in the Bay Area and in music right now. It was also really great to see Grizzly Bear when we played with them. And we got to do a little tour with Mates of State a little while ago, and seeing them, I think it was sort of a special thing that happens when you see the same band at different venues night after night. You get an angle on how they work. Its different if you just see them once. I guess those three bands are definitely the best shows weve played.

3. What would you be doing if you didnt do music?

Well I had a job at Jamba Juice when I was 16. I was only there for a month before they fired me. So I feel like I would be pretty down on my luck if I wasnt able to do music.

4. Do you fold or crumple?

Youre referring to toilet paper? I dont have a toilet. I dont go to the bathroom. Im an android.

5. Describe the bands sound in 3 words.

Huge, Tiny, Toyota.

Chris Rue can be reached at arts@californiaaggie.com.


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