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City makes effort to make Davis greener

In an effort to make Davis greener and more environmentally friendly, Davis Waste Removal is offering free drop-off recycling for rigid plastics at its recycling center on at 2727 Second St.

“The recycling center offers free drop-off recycling 24/7 in order to make recycling easier for Davis residents,” said Jennifer Gilbert, the conservation coordinator for the city of Davis, in an e-mail. “This way, if you have more recycling than will fit in your recycling cart or if you have a lot of cardboard or scrap metal, you can drop it off any time.”

Davis Waste Removal first offered free recycling for rigid plastics #3, #5, #6 and #7 since May of last year. These types of recyclable items include plastic toys, laundry baskets, CD cases, clean PVC pipes, plastic medicine bottles, plastic furniture and other household items. The number under or inside the recyclable symbol designates what kind of plastic the product is made from.

“People drop off the rigid plastics, and when we have enough to run through the bailer, we bail it up and sell it to the broker,” said John Geisler, the operations manager of Davis Waste Removal.

Recycling rigid plastics may decrease the amount of material in the landfill, he added.

“[The recycling center] will increase the diversion rate, so there will be less material going to the landfill,” Geisler said.

Recycling rigid plastics has a good economical and environmental benefit, said Marissa Juhler, the Yolo County waste reduction and sustainability manager of the department of planning and public works.

“It gives the opportunity to recycle [rigid plastics] in the Yolo County recycling center without having to pay a tipping fee,” she said. “We can take the resource and make it into new products, which is good for the environment.”

It may also extend the life of the landfill if we recycle, Juhler said.

The city of Davis is also making an effort to conserve energy through several environmental programs.

“Davis has a lot of environmental programs in place already, and we are constantly expanding,” Gilbert said.

Davis offers programs and classes, such as the iBIN Recycling Program, the Compost Correspondence class and the Apartment Move-out Waste Reduction Program.

“These programs all aim to make Davis a more sustainable city, to reduce waste, conserve our natural resources and educate the citizens of Davis on various environmental issues,” Gilbert said.

In addition, the Yolo County Central Landfill offers free recycling of household hazardous waste, such as batteries, household cleaners, florescent light bulbs, electronics and used tires.

“All Yolo County residents are able to participate and bring their household hazardous waste to drop off during these events for free,” Gilbert said. “The events usually run the second Friday and Saturday of every month from 9 [a.m.] to 2 [p.m.]”

For those interested, the next household hazardous waste drop-off dates next month are June 13 and 14. During each drop-off event, reusable items are available for free.


JANET HUNG can be reached at city@californiaaggie.com.


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