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Beyond the small talk

Name: Jan Bautista

Major: Biological sciences

Year: Senior


Why did you choose this major?

I like general biology because it allows me to explore the different sciences involved like genetics, plants and physiology. The major gives me the flexibility to explore the different branches of biological sciences and its applications.


What do you hope to accomplish with your major?

I hope to become a high school biology teacher and maybe become a pediatrician with my own practice.


What has been your favorite class and why?

MIC 102, because I really enjoyed learning about the immune system. But the best part was learning about the different diseases. Dr. Mann had a knack for making history interesting to science majors.


What kind of internships have you held?

I volunteered for a year in the Child Life Department at UCDMC. The Child Life Department is where children with special needs stay in the hospital for prolonged periods of time. I met kids fighting cancer, suffering from mystery diseases and infants with pulmonary diseases. It always amazed [me] how strong these kids were and how carefree some of them seemed. At the moment, I’m interning at a local high school helping teach ninth and 10th grade biology…. The best teaching moment I’ve had recently was when I convinced one of my students that science is useful even to a design major. I explained that the first person to use microscopes was a draper, Leeuwenhoek, and that the dyes we use in research are the same dyes clothing makers use to dye clothes. Her words, “I guess science is cool!” Woot! Point for science nerds!


What have you learned through your internships?

I learned I don’t enjoy the hectic hospital environment, especially when I ran into personnel that didn’t seem to care about their patients. I enjoyed the aspect of medicine where you get to take care of people, but childcare has always been my main focus. Thankfully, at my other internships, I realized that as a teacher, I would be able to make a greater impact on their lives.


What are your hobbies?

I love to go dancing. The Davis scene isn’t bad, neither is Sacramento, but the best place of course is San Francisco. I’m also a major nerd. I love to read sci-fi and fantasy and mangas, especially the girlie ones, and I did spend one quarter playing Dungeons and Dragons. I also love to sing – mostly when I’m alone – but every once in a while, I karaoke.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years, I really have no idea. I’m graduating, and I’m still not quite sure what I want to do with my life.


Have you studied abroad?

I spent a month last summer in Costa Rica. On the weekends, I went rafting, zip lining, waterfall rappelling and did lots of exploring. On the weekdays, I rummaged through garbage, cleaned up after giant rodents called tepezcuintles and guarded a guy from raging crocodiles. I also tried to control a second-grade class when I kinda sorta knew Spanish.


What activities and organizations are you a part of?

I am the publicity coordinator of the Golden Key Honor Society and have been a health and bio sci student advisor for the past three years. We are located in 205 South Hall – drop in to learn about internships and for job search help. It has been an amazing experience advising all of the driven biology students. My favorite part of this position is being able to guide them on their career paths.


Do you have any parting words to your graduating class?

Thanks to all of my hall-mates way back in freshman year. You’ve been the best friends I could ever ask for. There are still plenty of years of debauchery to come. Congrats to all of my fellow graduates and good luck, wherever you may go!


YASSMIN ATEFI can be reached at science@californiaaggie.com.



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