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Science Scene

Memory does not necessarily decline with age, researchers say

A variety of recent studies have found that “senior moments” may not be a sign of declining brain power.

Several researchers have found that though older people may more frequently have trouble remembering names or other small details, this is because they have more information to sift through. Researchers found that older people take in more information and must organize a larger, broader amount of information. In an experiment in which passages were peppered with random words, researchers found that older people read more slowly than younger subjects. However, in a later activity that required the subjects to recall the random words from the passage, older people showed that they had retained that seemingly superfluous information better. (nytimes.com)


New study diminishes link between hurricanes and global warming

Federal scientist Tom Knutson has found that global warming does not increase Atlantic hurricanes, reversing his previous opinion.

His study, which consisted of computer modeling, found that by the end of the century, there would be an 18 percent drop in the number of hurricanes. However, his model also predicted that hurricanes will become more wet and powerful.

Other scientists have debated the validity of his study, because it does not examine the size and intensity of storms in relation to global warming. (nytimes.com)


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