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Davis, California

Friday, May 17, 2024

City Brief

Passed a resolution in support AB 2598, which would allow local governments to implement rent controls for residential care facilities for the elderly.

Heard public comment and approved resolution supporting the California Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty ActApproved resolution to amend the Verizon Wireless telecommunications agreement allowing Verizon to sublease a portion of its land to MetroPCS

Introduced an ordinance amending the Davis cable television to implement the Digital Infrastructure and Video Competition Act of 2006

Upheld the Tree Commission decision to retain the street line at 1002 Radcliffe Drive despite the resident’s request to remove a city-owned tree

Authorized the city manager to execute agreements to allow the city’s participation in the development of a countywide 10-year plan to end chronic homelessness

Approved resolution to resell the Staib property to Paul and Laura Barger as an agricultural conservation easement


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