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Davis, California

Monday, June 17, 2024

Police Briefs


It may be the meter maid

Individual reported rear tire was marked with yellow chalk on F Street.


Ok computer

A door was tampered with and one computer was taken on Cousteau Place.


Polar express?

Railroad gates were down with no train in sight on Third and H streets.


Rebel with a financial cause

Individual reported her son stole her checkbook and forged checks removing $1,000 from her account.


Sometimes it happens

Individual was drinking beer and talking to himself in the alley on Second Street.



Extremely suspicious

A bike was parked in the area for three hours on Drexel Drive.


Finders keepers

Individual forgot his wallet in the store and when he went back to retrieve it, the manager requested documentation on Anderson Road.


Wizard of Oz

Individual found a new pair of women’s shoes at the rear of the business on East Covell Boulevard.


Kurosawa en vie

Stray dog was seen on Moore Boulevard and Rockwell Drive.


How unusual

Five college-aged individuals were seen smoking marijuana on Moore Boulevard.



Improper panhandling

Aggressive solicitor on Eucalyptus Street.


Masculinity at its finest

Males were smoking near the bleachers on Research Park Drive.


Ah to be young again

Juveniles were drinking on Baja and Aurora avenues.


Should have joined the other juveniles

An intoxicated juvenile was seen on West 14th Street.


Shots heard around the avenue

Three shots were heard on Norte Avenue.



Pool party

A loud party was in the pool area on Alhambra Drive.


I heart backpacks

A backpack was stolen from a locked vehicle on Russell Boulevard.


What I call testosterone

Two male subjects were in front of a house yelling and banging on the windows on C Street.


POLICE BRIEFS are compiled by ANN KIM from the public logs at the Davis Police Department and represent the official version of what happened. This segment appears Tuesdays and Thursdays. The DPD crime blotter can be viewed at cityofdavis.org/police/log. 


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