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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Letter to the editor

I would like to address UC Davis students with sincere remorse for my unbecoming behavior while treating ASUCD with disregard and failing to fulfill the expected duties of a senator. It was a lapse of judgment on my part, and solely on my part does the responsibility for my actions lie. During Friday May 16th’s ASUCD budget hearings, my immature and disruptive antics undermined the professional integrity of ASUCD and opened the association to public scrutiny. For any conceived offense, I apologize and assure that none of my actions had malicious or disrespectful intent. It was not due to a lack of interest or dedication to ASUCD that I was not conducive to budget hearings, rather a unique set of circumstances in which I succumbed to personal leisure instead of fulfilling the required duties of such an elected position. This event does not reflect my overall dedication to my office nor does it mark the end of my efforts to complete my platform goals.

Furthermore, through this experience I have come to understand my position as an ASUCD senator is one requiring higher standards and I do offer my most sincere apology for any feelings of disrespect, offense, embarrassment, frustration, doubt or anything else this incident may have caused the greater student body. At this point I can only move on, understanding the serious flaw of character this event revealed, and work adamantly to better prioritize and serve the students of UC Davis.



ASUCD senator


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