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Alcohol violation

A first-year student was referred to Student Judicial Affairs after alcohol was found in his suite. The student’s friends came over and brought some beer with them. The student did not consume any alcohol, but his friends did. When the resident advisers came to check on his room, the student’s friends hid. Upon asking the student whether there were any other people in the suite besides his suitemates, the student lied to the RAs and told them that there was nobody else. Even though the student did not drink any beer, he violated Student Housing’s policy by allowing others to drink alcohol in his room. He is therefore considered a “host” and received the disciplinary probation and contract term in abeyance. A contract term in abeyance means that the student can continue living in the resident halls, but if he violates Student Housing or university policies again, his housing contract will be terminated.

Copying on an exam

A senior was referred to SJA for copying after a teaching assistant reported seeing the student staring intently at a neighboring student’s work during an exam. The TA claimed that the senior looked over at the other student’s test about 20 times. The professor and TA marked the two students’ exams and set them aside for further comparison, upon which it was discovered that they shared many unique answers. Upon meeting with an SJA officer, the senior admitted to copying from the neighboring student during the exam and agreed to deferred separation and 20 hours of community service.

In need of solutions

A senior engineering student was referred to SJA for receiving unauthorized assistance on an assignment. When the student had trouble solving problem sets for her ENG 105 class, she went online in search of solutions. The senior downloaded the solutions manual for the text, copied the solutions for her assignment and turned it in to her professor. It is a violation of the Code of Academic Conduct to copy information from a solutions manual and submit it for a graded class assignment. The student agreed to a one-quarter suspension.

The Campus Judicial Report is compiled by student members of the Campus Judicial Board. Additional information about SJA and the Campus Judicial Board may be found at sja.ucdavis.edu.




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