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Monday, April 22, 2024


Well folks, this is it – it’s the end of the road for “Nothing to see here….” For some, this might be our very last intimate conversation. For others, this might only the beginning. In this long year, I’ve admitted things to you, put myself out there beyond embarrassment and I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

And despite the denied marriage proposals, jabs at my own cliché hipster, vinyl snob, fixie riding steez – despite so pitifully defending Britney Spears, gender-bending punk rock and sexualizing facial hair – looking back, there are some things I’m butthurt about.

One is that I didn’t get laid because of my column.

Or did I? Perhaps such a claim is up for debate. What I do know is that my witty commentary didn’t beat Jon Gold’s daily weather in garnering attention – he’s gotten numerous dates from writing a measly two sentences a week. And he doesn’t even have his picture alongside his name, what the deuce is that? Is it because I don’t leave you any mystery, readers? Is it because atop my poetic nonsense every week, I gift you a ridiculous new mug shot, making it so that what you see is what you get?

Maybe I’m just not provocative enough.

This year I’ve attempted to tickle your artsy libido, to get you to tell me I’m a douche bag and to challenge you to intellectual duels regarding morality and art. And yet, little-to-no emails found their way into my box after each Thursday. Le sigh.

Fine. Have it your way, readers. But before you go, let me bequeath upon you a little secret I discovered through laborious weeks spent being the eyes and ears of the arts community.

There is so much talent here in Davis, providing endless things to do.

Since Davis is in reasonable proximity to the Bay Area, it’s almost too easy to drive the hour down the I-80 and attend a more notable show featuring bands that sell out venues small and large. But this doesn’t mean that what Davis has to offer is in the slightest bit inferior.

I’ll never forget my first show experience in Davis. I went to the Delta of Venus in September of 2006 to see The Finches, who at that time I hadn’t heard of. Regardless, I kept my eyes wide, my ears open and ended up liking what I heard, so I bought their record.

Since then, nothing has changed; week after week, I survey the upcoming shows of more bands even someone as well-versed as I, the arts pwner, hasn’t heard of… but I don’t give up. Partly because of my duty as the author of Artsweek, I give each band a listen on the ol’ MySpace and realize how they sound like something I’d like to see IRL.

There is a ton of artistry here in Davis that is practically given to students for free. On any, one can choose from a spoken word event, an open art reception or a band-house party combo and often will have to decide between such things on a single evening.

Many claims that Davis’ nightlife is lacking may be justified, but in all honesty, there is something for everyone here who is open to new things. And so I urge readers to get more involved, to consider new possibilities and demand what you want to see in Davis, and it will come to you.

I’d like to conclude with saying that it’s been an honor reporting on the Davis arts community these past two years. This is truly one of the last college towns with such unassuming character, unmatchable affability and a relentless passion to express itself.

Without so many people in this community my job would have been impossible – and so I’d like to thank the students and faculty of the art studio, design, theatre and dance, music and English departments, respectively. I am equally gracious for the forces driving the arts community here, such as local businesses like Sophia’s, Bistro 33, Delta of Venus, Primary Concepts and campus-based entities like the Robert Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts, KDVS 90.3 FM and the ASUCD Entertainment Council.

Thanks for reading, and all I can ask of you now is to keep your punk rock ethics intact.


NICOLE L. BROWNER hates to say goodbye, but you can expect more of her wisecracks come fall quarter in the form of low-rated CD reviews. Feel free to contact her at any time at nlbrowner@ucdavis.edu.



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