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Quotes of the year

“We came out and spanked them. We made them look so horriblewe outplayed them. It just shows that if we give 100 percent and stay focused, things will go our way.” – Men’s soccer co-captain Sule Anibaba after his team beat IPFW and Oakland 6-0 and 4-2, respectively, at the Oregon State Diadora Classic.


“We never got a chance to play the game. My team was ready. They were excited, they were preparedwe were ready to play the game, and unfortunately, there was no game to play. And Santa Barbara can walk away and say,We kicked the crap out of Davis,and you know what, they did. They literally and physically demolished us, and the referee did nothing. His job is to protect the players, and he didn’t do it.” – Men’s soccer head coach Dwayne Shaffer after his team fell to UCSB at home on Sept. 29, 4-0.


It’s not the first time that the pirate ships have rolled up to our doors trying to take booty from us, and it wont be the last time,” – Councilmember Stephen Souza on how the state legislature sometimes tries to take tax revenue from cities to balance the state budget.


It was like there were two of him out there – he was everywhere– Men’s basketball’s Vince Oliver on redshirt freshman guard Mark Paynes triple-double performance in the Aggies Causeway Cup-clinching win over Sacramento State at the Pavilion on Mar. 1.


Everything goes better with bacon. – Davis resident Scott Miltonberger on why he attended thePig Outcelebration at Farmers Market on Mar. 1.


We’ve always been the underdog, and now we are the dog. – Women’s basketball’s Jessica Campbell on her team’s 5-0 start.


Our goal was to present a venue that people wanted to go to, and the poets that came improved it. It’s an alternative to going to a night club. People want to be social, but they don’t want to go to a meat marketwhich is what a nightclub is. – Khiry Malik Moore, host and coordinator of the Mahogany Urban Poetry Series in Sacramento.


Notice my steering column, I took out the airbag. I’m very comfortable with my car. – Alex Kang, founding member and president of the Davis Motorsports Club, as he flies down Interstate 80 at 80 mph.


What a ride! I am just so proud of them. We’re a Cinderella!” – Women’s golf head coach Kathy DeYoung after her team qualified for the NCAA Tournament.


I had a long drive when I moved, and my cat is like my baby. Are you going to put your baby in a cage? I know he’ll just sit on my lap.– Davis resident and Petco customer Sonia Huston.


According to a footnote in a Greek play I was reading for class, if was societal custom for a woman to throw fruit at a man she was interested in. At the grocery store yesterday, a girl dropped an apple in my direction. I got the message, babe.– Jon Gold, California Aggie weatherman.


“[It’s] a big, fat, eclectic boner.” – Saraswathi Subbaraman, speaking in reference to her band, Mistlefinger.


As a proven academic fraud and imposter, what basis can you claim in coming to a public university, which is funded by the government, which from your speeches and writing you so clearly despise?” – Pete Markevich, junior political science major, speaking to Ward Churchill.


I mean, honestly, he shouldnt have had [the chemicals], but his intentions werent to harm anyone. – Sam Shackelford, first-year aeronautical science and engineering major, on Mark Woods, the student charged with possession of explosives in the residence halls.


A lot of the safety enhancement lies in preventing contamination in the first place, out in the field or anywhere in the farm-to-fork continuum. – Jim Gorny, on illness prevention.


Police Briefcase:

Glazed and reckless

A tan mustang was seen doing donuts at the intersection of Anderson Road and Oriole Avenue. (Oct. 16)


The ’90s called and they want their solicitors back

There were reportedly five male subjects on rollerblades soliciting on C Street. (Oct. 16)


I guess someone really didn’t like dog slobber

An individual on Sycamore Lane said they found a tongue in their neighbors front yard, which they believed to be a dog tongue. (Feb. 5)


Probably looking for its tongue

An individual reported that a dog was running around in the street at the intersection of L Street and Covell Place. (Feb. 5)


“I’m a little bathroom, can I use your drunk please?”

An intoxicated looking individual was seen on the porch ringing the doorbell on Tallow Place. (Feb. 19)


His friend is as big as a house, apparently

An individual who looked intoxicated was heard yellingRandy?” at a residence on Eucalyptus Street. (Feb. 19)


Well, what did you think would happen?

Individual reported a customer let his 4-year-old son urinate on the ground outside the business when the reporting party told him they did not have public restrooms on Research Park Drive. (Feb. 29)


Rocky’s slowing down

Subject was seen sitting on a bench, bloody and not responding on Olive Drive. (Mar. 4)


Brings whole new meaning to hit and run

Male passenger inside vehicle was seen hitting other passengers on E Street. (Mar. 11)



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