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Student filmmakers hit the big screen at the UC Davis Film Festival

The Department of Theatre and Dance eighth annual UC Davis Film Festival kicked off Wednesday with screenings of student documentaries, commercials and short movies.

The two-day festival continues today at 7 p.m. at Varsity Theatre. Tickets can be purchased for $5 at the Varsity Theatre box office, located at 616 Second St.

Produced in association with the technocultural studies, film studies and art studio departments, the film festival gives the opportunity for student films to be presented to the public. UC Davis professor and award-winning production designer John Iacovelli created the film festival in 2000 to support developing artists and enrich the film community in Davis.

“I wanted to bring the same kind of support and recognition to developing artists here at UC Davis where there is no film school, Iacovelli said in an event press release.

For the past month, students from diverse academic backgrounds submitted films no longer than 10 minutes, which were judged by a panel of professors and experts in the film and television industry.

The opportunity for students to see their films on the big screen is a new addition to the film festival. For technocultural studies alumnus Michael Kim, who submitted his short film “untitled, this was a much welcome addition.

“For anyone who shoots a video or film seriously, its an exciting prospect to think about viewing your film in a larger setting, Kim said. “Its everyones goal to at least have some audience. The biggest and traditional one is a large theatre venue.

Also new to the film festival this year were pre-screening sessions for students to receive feedback on their films. The festival judges offered helpful criticism and encouragement for the budding filmmakers.

“[The pre-screening session] was really a helpful opportunity to meet the judges instead of being faceless, said Paris Perrault, the festivals student coordinator. “The judges [were] really supportive and definitely come from the same background.

From “2Vote08 to “How Many Heroes Do We Need, the range of film titles suggests a diverse showing for this years film festival. Perrault, a senior double majoring in dramatic arts and political science, said she is excited about the mix of film contributions this year.

“The films are really diverse. There are an equal number of comedies, dramas, experimental [films] and commercials. Its a really interesting mix and evenly spread.

Because of the wide-ranging number of submissions, the film festival expanded to include categories like “Best Animation and “Best Music Video. The awards will be presented at the end of tonights screening.

Perhaps most importantly, the film festival brings awareness to Davis growing film community. Part of the festivals value is the ability for filmmakers to collaborate with other students in future projects.

“Its good seeing the community grow, Kim said. “It announces the filmmaking presence and it motivates the students to create films in Davis – there is a community and it will continue to grow.


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The following films will be presented at the eighth annual UC Davis Film Festival:

“school daze Michael Sun

untitled Michael Kim

Bike PSA Golda Criddle

Jammer Denise Nicole Green

No Talking Andrew Cholerton

Bleach Allison Arachea

Radiohead Rodney Moreh

Somewhere in Between Denise Nicole Green

Hooked Kevin Okulolo

Another Saturday Birdstrike Improv and Sketch Comedy

My Lifes Flavors Kanako Hayamizu

Crash Christine Samson

Eau DUncanny Andrea Manners

Unwritten Daniel Leighton

Smoking is Cool Birdstrike Improv and Sketch Comedy

How Many Heroes Do We Need Matthew Gottschalk

2VOTE08 David Coduto

Everything is Nothing Jonah Cox


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