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Davis, California

Wednesday, April 24, 2024


Public hearing on photovoltaic cells at wastewater treatment site

The agreement under consideration would authorize the installation and operation of solar cells on a portion of the city’s wastewater treatment site to provide power for that facility. The agreement also stipulated that the city would purchase all power generated at the site for at least 25 years.The council closed the public hearing and decided not to pursue the agreement at this time.

Ordinance amending purchasing procedures

The ordinance amends the section of the municipal code that regulates city purchasing procedures. The amendment increases the bid threshold for purchases ofgoods, supplies and equipment up to $50,000.The ordinance was introduced and the council decided to take action to adopt it at the next meeting.

Adoption of final budget for 2008-2009

This is an urgency ordinance approving and immediately adopting the city’s final budget, provided it meets all legal requirements.The council voted to approve the ordinance and adopt the final budget.

Resolution adopting updated investment policy

The resolution amends the list of authorized investments, portfolio maturity parameters and social responsible investment criteria.The resolution was approved by the council.

Review of proposed city charter

Adopting the amended city charter submitted by city staff would allow Davis to become a charter city instead of a general law city. The charter would not change any current operations, but would allow for a choice voting system to be implemented.The council directed staff to bring back more information on the topic to the July 15 meeting. No decision on the charter was made.


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