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KDVS co-sponsers record swap

Anyone with an interest in music can probably pull out a few vinyls from their parents’ collection. For others, vinyl records epitomize their passion for music in general. The KDVS record swap will satiate the collections of all record enthusiasts, young and old.

Co-sponsored by the Sacramento magazine Midtown Monthly, the record swap will be held Sunday at Bricka Bracka in Sacramento. Bricka Bracka, a venue with an unusual mix of software development and art, will host the event for the first time at its location at 2114 P St.

“[Bricka Bracka] is a software company, and we have an art gallery and a Wi-Fi lounge,” said Brian Davis, who heads the developing team at Bricka Bracka. “We just had a fundraiser for Barack Obama, and we host movie nights, shows with local artists and we hold art classes on Tuesdays.”

Coordinators Heather Klinger and Tim Matranga, who both volunteer at KDVS 90.3 FM, have put the event together for over two years. For the two, the past few months have been filled with promotion both in the Sacramento area and in the Bay Area for the event, in order to gain a wide variety of customers and collectors.

KDVS sees the record swap as it does its own station, focusing on independent and unique talent. Vendors will offer a huge and diverse set of genres and styles, both old and new.

“Being freeform and independent, [KDVS] isn’t limited to the parameters of normal radio, and I think a lot of people are looking for something obscure or weird,” Matranga said. “There’s going to be some hardcore collectors who really know their stuff.”

However, you don’t necessarily need a gigantic collection or a taste for the obscure to get something out of this event. Music and art enthusiasts, whether they are college students or nostalgic record-era collectors, are encouraged to attend.

“We get a huge mix of people – from hardcore vinyl fans who come to every event, to the casual KDVS listener to someone who found us while walking through midtown Sacramento,” Klinger said in an e-mail interview. “There are still lots of people who love vinyl and love to expand their collection.”

Vendors will include local independent record labels, local record stores and local collectors. And though the event is primarily centered on vinyl records, there are plenty of other formats available to browse through and trade. CDs, crafts, books and magazines will be available as well, among others.

“Record swaps have been in KDVS’ history since the station started in the ’60s,” Klinger said. “People want to buy the records they hear on the air. KDVS is the perfect media outlet to hold events since they keep in contact with record labels and collectors.”

“I think the average person would be amazed at the amount of pure vinyl,” Matranga said. “It’s the type of thing that you’re not going to find in your average store.”

The KDVS record swap will be held Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Bricka Bracka in Sacramento. Admission is $3 and is open for all ages. For more information, go to recordswap.outoforderrecords.com.


JUSTIN HO can be reached at arts@californiaaggie.com.


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