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Agent Orange, Sexrat, Del Mar

Today, 8 p.m., $12, 21

The Fire Escape in Citrus Heights

With their oh-so SoCal surf-punk music, it should be no secret where Agent Orange claims their roots. And with a couple of classics (“Bloodstain, a cover of Dick Dales already-classic “Miserlou), a couple of band member changes and nearly three decades under their belt, this Orange County trio has held its ground in the punk and hardcore scene.


Silver Darling, Matt the Electrician

Today, 10 p.m., $3-5, 21

Sophias Thai Kitchen

The mustachioed boys from Silver Darling have an undeniably dark quality to their easygoing alt-country sound. Ever faithful to the roots of Americana, the band is set to record their next LP in a method almost unheard of in this digital agewithout the help of a computer.


American Bach Soloists

Friday, 6 p.m., $5 for students, $10 general admission

Studio Theatre at the Mondavi Center

As part of the Mondavi Centers Summerfest 2008 concert series, the American Bach Soloists will explore the Baroque, Early Classical and Romantic musical periods. The series will continue until Sunday. Visit mondaviarts.org for a schedule of performances.


Faun Fables, Agent Ribbons, Neal Morgan

Friday, 8 p.m.

Bricka Bracka in Sacramento

The group behind Faun Fables sure have vivid imaginations: Taking a storytelling approach to their songwriting, songs like “Carousel With Madonnas and “Lightning Rod display the Oakland bands irreverent sense of humor. Meanwhile, Neal Morgan will provide a uniquely pared-down take on music with what hes dubbed his “drum and voice project, something I would hope needs no further elaboration.


The Walking Dead, MDL, Drastic Actions, Massacre Time, Skrewed

Friday, 8 p.m., $10

The Boardwalk

Out of the 27 results generated on MySpace for “The Walking Dead, my guesstimate would be that more than half were classified under hardcore metal. On a completely unrelated note, the word “guesstimate did not trigger the spell check function, much to my surprise. Since when was this recognized as a real word?


Puke and Spit

Friday, 9 p.m., $8, 21

Old Ironsides in Sacramento

The members of this Sacramento-based garage band go by monikers that are more than fitting for a group called Puke and Spit, but one is ostensibly out of place. Try and guess which one out of this quintet: DD Drool, Bobby Vomit, Johnny Dismember, Christina Von Eerie, Mr. Bates.


This Charming Band

Friday, 9 p.m., $10, 21

The Blue Lamp in Sacramento

This Charming Band seems to be putting words in my mouth. But being that they are a Smiths tribute band, perhaps they cant be all that badand although I cant quite recall a tribute band thats been all that good, the group has played to sold out shows, proving that imitation really is the best form of flattery.


Ruthann Friedman, Chelsea Wolfe, The Heather Show

Friday, 9 p.m., $5

True Love Coffeehouse in Sacramento

Behind every hit song is a talented writer: In 1967, pop group The Association hit it big on the Billboard Charts with Ruthann Friedmans song, “Windy. Listen for a preview of Friedman Friday at 8 p.m. on “Cool As Folk on KDVS 90.3 FM.


The Parson Red Heads, The Old Believers

Friday, 10 p.m., $3-5, 21

Sophias Thai Kitchen

They may hail from Oregon, but The Parson Red Heads serve up a quality set of California pop that is the perfect accompaniment for warm summer nights – think psychedelic pop and folk circa 1960. The octet has also opened for acts like Menomena and Cursive. Also from Oregon are The Old Believers, who provide songs fitting from a label called Fine/Romantic Recordings.


The Zim-Zims, Joe Finkel, Mistlefinger

Saturday, 8:30 p.m., $3

Delta of Venus

Theyve since gone their separate ways, but once upon a time (from 2002-2005, to be exact), the Zim-Zims were a staple in Davis live music scene. And with their catchy pop tunes, it isnt hard to see why. For an in-depth look at The Zim-Zims, turn to page __.


Razorblade Monalisa, The Human Value, Con of Man

Saturday, 9 p.m., $3, 21

Old Ironsides in Sacramento

As I should have expected, this seemingly The Da Vinci Code-themed lineup has nothing to do with the annoyingly popular Dan Brown book at all – Razorblade Monalisa provides a throwback to the industrial music of the nineties, while London emigrants The Human Value reference new-wave and post-punk a la The Talking Heads and Joy Division, respectively.



Saturday, 9:30 p.m., $7

Old Ironsides in Sacramento

Its a contemporary take on world music: Iranian artist Haale mixes the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and Radiohead with influences from her Persian heritage.


The Underscore Orkestra, Old Tender Heart

Saturday, 10 p.m., $3-5, 21

Sophias Thai Kitchen

Part high energy music, part performance art describes music collective The Underscore Orkestra, whose blend of world music, Gypsy jazz and swing is sure to make for an entertaining night. Taking a minimalist approach to Americana is Old Tender Heart, who will also make an appearance on Friday’s “Cool As Folk on KDVS 90.3.



War, Inc.

Opens Friday at Varsity Theatre on Second Street

This political satire stars John Cusack as a hit man ordered to take out the CEO of a high profile competitor. However, things change when he falls for a reporter (Marisa Tomei). Now if only things like that could happen here at The Aggie – namely, to a certain arts editorbut without all the merciless killing and such.


The Dark Knight

Opens Friday at Regal Davis Holiday 6 on F Street

The ever-so sexy Christian Bale faces off against an ever-so creepy Heath Ledger in Memento director Christopher Nolans second take on the tale of a billionaire businessman by day, vigilante by night.


Mamma Mia!

Opens Friday at Regal Davis Holiday 5 on G Street

Colin Firth used to be on my list of older men I found attractive. But after seeing the previews, Ive come to realize that hes just old now. Sigh.


Sacramento French Film Festival

Starts Friday at the Crest Theatre in Sacramento

Showing a diverse selection of French contemporaries and classics, this nine-day festival brings a taste of France to the Central Valley. For more information, turn to page __.



Flatlanders 2

Nelson Gallery

Following 2006s well-received exhibition is Flatlanders 2, which features local artists from the Davis, Woodland and Sacramento area.


Little Shop of Horrors

Opens Friday, $16 for students, $18 for non-students

DMTC Hoblit Performing Arts Center at 607 Pena Drive

This classic rock musical centers around a lowly florist shop keeper who raises a carnivorous plant with a taste for human blood.


RACHEL FILIPINAS can be reached at arts@californiaaggie.com.


Editors picks:

The Dark Knight

Opens Friday at Regal Davis Holiday 6 on F Street


The Zim-Zims, Joe Finkel, Mistlefinger

Saturday, 8:30 p.m., $3

Delta of Venus


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