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7 Spots to Check Out on Campus

1. Get your fix at the ASUCD Coffee House: Whether it is the double espresso that gets you through your 8 a.m. lecture or the cookie that satisfies your afternoon sugar craving, the Coho is a harried student’s best friend. Located in the MU, the Coho is the biggest student run restaurant in the U.S. and serves over 7,000 customers a day, according to its website. It is also a nonprofit establishment, which means that any money it makes goes right back into ASUCD funds.


2. Brush up on your botany at the arboretum: Stretching out over 100 acres along Putah Creek and encompassing over 22,000 trees and plants, the arboretum is one of the true natural gems at UC Davis. Guaranteed to be a site of peace and tranquility, the arboretum is ideal for an afternoon stroll, a weekend picnic or that nap in between classes.

“The Arboretum is so integrated with the UC Davis campus,” said Ellen Zagory, arboretum director of horticulture. “Students can easily access and enjoy the natural environment as part of their daily activities, between classes or whenever they want to relax.”


3. Study up at Peter J. Shields Library: Long stretches between classes equals ideal study time and Shields Library is the place to do it. It is the third largest library in the UC system and home to over 3.5 million volumes, according to its website. Shields also offers plenty of study space and a 24-hour study room perfect for those late-night cramming sessions.


4. Eat at the Silo Union: In addition to grabbing a quick lunch at one of the Silo’s many fast food joints, students can also go to the Silo for a sit down meal. The Silo Pub serves lunch Monday through Friday and hosts formal dinners for special occasions.

5. Get your game face on at the Memorial Union Games Area: Located in the basement of the MU, it is truly a hidden treasure packed with arcade games, pool tables and even a bowling alley. Students can bring their ID cards to receive a discount on prices and, according to its website, the games area bowling alley is the only one located in Davis.


6. Work up a sweat at the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC): The ARC hosts a wide range of facilities, such as weight rooms, racquetball courts and a rock climbing wall. Students’ ARC memberships are included in tuition fees and students can purchase passes to take advantage of the rock wall and group exercise classes.

7. Cultivate your sophisticated side at the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts: With over 90 different events this season ranging from ballet to Blues to music inspired by Shakespeare, the Mondavi Center aims to have something for everybody. As an added incentive, all first-years can attend their first performance for free and can claim their tickets online or by calling the ticket office.

“I doubt there is a single student on campus for whom music and dance is not an important part of their life – a part that brings them joy and emotional fulfillment,” said Don Roth, executive director of the Mondavi Center. “That’s what the arts offer us – an opportunity to be moved out of our everyday concerns and worries.”

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