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Mondavi Center offers special ticket sale to students

UC Davis students will be able to purchase tickets to in-demand concerts at the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts starting Oct. 8.

The Mondavi Center is giving students an opportunity to buy tickets to in-demand events with a special ticket offer. On Wednesday beginning at noon, tickets to the performances will be available to only UC Davis students at the Mondavi Center Ticket Office. Students must provide one current ID card for each event ticket purchased. No student may purchase more than two tickets to any event or more than four tickets to any combination of events. The sale ends on Oct. 29 or until tickets sell out.

In-demand tickets at the Mondavi Center include performances from vocalist Linda Ronstadt and Mariachi Los Camperos de Nati Cano, violinist Itzhak Perlman and cellist Yo-Yo Ma.

Previously, tickets for high-demand events were often sold out before single tickets went on sale to the general public, offered first to those who purchased a series subscription ticket plan.

This year, 10 percent of the house was reserved for sale for student seating, said Camille Spaccavento, director of marketing. Once the student ticket sale ends on Oct. 29, single event tickets will be offered to the general public and those on the waiting list.

Don Roth, executive director of the Mondavi Center, said that this program was meant to encourage student attendance.

“We want the Mondavi Center to be a major benefit of being a student at UC Davis,” Roth said. “We are a part of UC Davis, and we always want to get more and more students into the hall.”

Phil Daley, events and publicity manager for the music department, said the offer was a great step for the Mondavi Center.

“I think that the Mondavi Center is just growing and trying to include the university in their presenting program,” Daley said. “It’s providing students with the opportunities they need to see these shows or bringing [performers] that are more geared to the university that might not just be crowd-pleasers.”

However, Daley said that he had one concern for the sale. Because tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis, students may not have all the cash on hand to buy tickets to multiple performances at the time of the sale.

“That’s a little hard because students don’t always have all the cash on hand [at one time],” he said. “Some will have to pick and choose.”

Spaccavento said that the Mondavi Center is trying to strike a balance between the need to bring in an earned income and to make sure that students get the opportunity to attend concerts.

She highlighted other strides that the Mondavi Center has taken to include students, saying that she wants the Mondavi Center to be a major benefit of being a student at UC Davis. The Mondavi Center offers a 50 percent discount on all student tickets, including subscriptions, she said. In addition, the Mondavi Center’s Curriculum Connection program offers $5 tickets to students who have a program required in the course syllabus, and the Freshman Free Ticket offer gives all first-year students, including transfers, one free ticket to any Mondavi Center event.

The student ticket sale begins on Wednesday and ends on Oct. 29 or until tickets sell out. Tickets can be purchased at the Mondavi Center Ticket Office. For more information, call 754-2787 or visit mondaviarts.org.

RACHEL FILIPINAS can be reached at arts@californiaaggie.com.


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