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Friday, April 19, 2024

Letter to the Editor

The University of California is the best in the world but it is on a slow financial starvation diet. It’s a diet that forces those who are students to pay more and more and the general public to pay less and less for the university. But the fact remains it will take all of us – students, UC Regents, lawmakers and taxpayers – to stop the student fee increases so we must work together to do it. United we stand, divided we fall. That is why I initiated the grassroots movement called Students for California’s Future (studentsforcalifornia.com) earlier this year. The students are committed to a better, brighter future.

James Noonan’s October 14th column assumed too much when he cited my recent comment to the UC Aggie editorial board that “The students need to rise up and raise hell. If that doesn’t happen, then this fee increase will continue.” I did say that but Noonan assumed I was implying they should raise their voices in ignorance. Nothing could be farther from the truth. UC students have always proven they have their facts straight and information in order when they have attended rallies and committee hearings at the Capitol. They know information is power and they also know that silence is a guarantee for higher fees.


John Garamendi

Lieutenant Governor of California


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