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Saturday, May 25, 2024




Bike bandit

A UC Davis police officer noticed a suspicious pickup truck driving on campus on Saturday night with a truck bed full of bicycles. The officer made a traffic stop on the vehicle and determined that the bikes had recently been stolen on campus.

The driver, a resident of Hercules, was arrested and booked at the Yolo County Jail on charges of grand theft, possession of stolen property, possession of burglary tools and violation of probation.

The UC Davis Police Department has stepped up enforcement in response to bike theft on campus, including plainclothes officers patrolling on campus, according to a press release. Prior to this weekend’s arrest, there have been twice as many reports of bike theft this year as there were last year. UCDPD asks the community to report any suspicious activity on campus.




Or, they possibly had a pet skunk

Two subjects were possibly smoking marijuana on J Street.


He ran after the smell hit him

An unknown subject opened a bathroom window on Drake Drive but apparently did not enter.




Slanginat the car wash

Two subjects looked like they were doing drug deals near the car wash on F Street.


High on life

A male was seen running in the sprinklers on Picasso Avenue.




McCain haters

Individuals were going to pull McCain stickers off a vehicle on Sutter Place.



Special thanks to the trusty readers who responded to my inquiry Tuesday about the definition of brindle. The next time I see a pit bull with what looks like black stripes, I’ll be sure to run.


POLICE BRIEFS are compiled by JEREMY OGUL from the public logs of the Davis Police Department and represent the official version of what happened. The crime blotter can be viewed online at cityofdavis.org/police/log. This segment appears Tuesdays and Fridays. 


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