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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Letter to the Editor: Measure W

There’s a measure on your ballot that doesn’t require hours of pouring over confusing language or a legal expert to figure out It’s called Measure W.

Clear and straightforward, if you support science, math, English, foreign language, music, social studies, librarians, athletics, debate, journalism, and the teachers who enliven the minds of our next generation, then you support Measure W. The choice is clear.

We are all too aware of the state budget crisis and the impact that has on school funding. Local dollars are needed to maintain our quality programs here in Davis – among the best in the state – because state dollars simply do not.

You may find yourself asking, is the school district running leaner in these trying economic times? Absolutely. DJUSD spends over 80 percent of our discretionary budget on expenses directly related to classroom instruction – teachers, counselors, principals, and para-educators. Of the remaining percentage, we’ve cut $1.1 million, including eliminating one of the top three administrative positions, squeezing site budgets to levels difficult to sustain, and cutting operating costs. Our administrative budget falls in the lowest tier in the state, lower than most school districts, and even lower than many non-profit organizations.

Despite all of this, the shortfall in funding is over $2 million dollars annually. It is simply not possible to cut these funds without severely impacting the classroom and our kids. Vital programs and teachers will be lost. Our school system, our community, and most importantly, our children will lose.

We are parents and longtime community members, as well as Trustees. We know Davis as a community that values education from K-12 to the UC level. As we cast our ballots, let’s make that loud and clear. Measure W protects programs we can all agree on saving. Please join us in voting YES for Measure WYes for our students.

Gina Daleiden and Tim Taylor


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