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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Preview: City Council meeting

The Davis City Council will meet tonight at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Chambers at 23 Russell Blvd.

The following are descriptions of selected agenda items the council will discuss at the meeting. To view the entire agenda and associated staff reports, visit cityofdavis.org.


Greenhouse gas inventory

The Davis City Council will receive an update on the Davis greenhouse gas inventory, a project that is part of the city’s larger sustainability goals. The council will also be asked to establish greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets for city of Davis operations and the community at large. Furthermore, the council will consider and provide comments on conceptual guidelines for carbon allowances for new residential development.

City staff will present an overview of the work done on revising greenhouse gas emissions standards, which were first approved by the Natural Resources Commission in April but have not been acted upon because more analysis was required. City staff used clean air and climate protection software from ICLEI.

The greenhouse gas reduction targets developed by the Natural Resources Commissions differ from those set by the state of California. Staff concluded thatthe state targets presented considerable challenges for a local jurisdiction to achieve.

A consultant to the city was asked to develop a methodology for establishing a greenhouse gas emissionsallowancefor individuals in the community. This methodology will be reviewed by the council at the meeting.


Council goals 2009-2010

The City Council will approve its goals and related objectives and direct a subcommittee to prioritize the objectives into three categories: critical initiatives, special projects and departmental initiatives.

At a one-day retreat in July, councilmembers met and outlined goal areas by consensus. The goal areas are: infrastructure, fiscal stability, Downtown Davis, housing, sustainability, safety and health, organizational strength, civic engagement and long-term visioning. The councilmembers worked to place specific projects and initiatives within these goal areas.

“The majority of these projects go above and beyond the basic everyday business of the city,said a staff report prepared on the topic.Regardless of whether [the] council adopts these goals, staff will continue to respond to public safety calls, maintain the parks, provide recreation classes, keep storm sewers clear, pay the city’s bills and carry on the daily business of the city.


Mace Ranch Land Trust project

City staff recommend that the City Council and Davis Redevelopment Agency withdraw all commitments to a development project to be built by the Community Housing Opportunities Corporation at 2990 Fifth St.

The project would include 29 affordable ownership units and 9,764 square feet of office space for nonprofit groups.

According to a staff report, city staff members want the City Council to withdraw commitments on the project in order to keep all options open and to protect the Davis Redevelopment Agency from any more liability. The Community Housing Opportunities Corporation has failed to begin construction on the project, even after three deadline extensions.


JEREMY OGUL can be reached at city@theaggie.org.


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