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CD Review: Emily Lacy


Emily Lacy

Newsworthy New York Tapes


Rating: 5


In “Each Person is a Universe,” Emily Lacy describes herself as “relentless like the ocean … regardless like the word.” This cathartic moment is one of many on the home-recorded Newsworthy New York Tapes.

Though calling the bigger national cities (NYC, LA) home, the folk singer-songwriter will make an appearance in downtown Davis Saturday, performing with Blue Cranes (Portland) and Fine Steps (San Francisco).

Newsworthy is magical, romantic and woven with strings as delicate as silk – reminiscent of Mirah’s work with the Spectratone International. Lacy doesn’t sing stories about bugs, but the nerve-calming orchestration of certain tracks recall the essential manner of Mirah’s arrangements.

Just when the mountain folk lullabies begin to take you under, “Where Can I See” picks up the pace in a Kimya-style with basic acoustic progressions and first person narratives. “No Regrets,” homage to ’60s French singer Edith Piaf, also contributes to a steady rhythm in the 15 tracks of the album.

While becoming a dream state, a soothing blur – Newsworthy also serves as an invigorating story of diary entries. “I Just Wanna Be Sure” lists a series of Lacy’s introverted goals: to “love someone,” “rise like the sun” and “climb the mountain.” The album was recorded in the privacy of her Brooklyn dwelling as well in the Catskill Mountains, explaining why it feels like such a metaphorical and geographical travel narrative.

The live performance opens an enormous door of possibilities given Lacy’s unique biography: A filmmaker, writer, painter, teacher and lover of intimate shows in art spaces, living rooms and subways.

Lacy will perform tonight along with Blue Cranes and Fine Steps. For show information, visit undietacos.org.


Give these tracks a listen: “Each Person is a Universe,” “Where Are All the Crystals”

For fans of: Mirah, Vashti Bunyan, The Finches


– Nicole L. Browner


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