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Roving Reporter

“We serve a dish that we callgreen yuck, which is basically Cool Whip with fruit, nuts and a green pistachio pudding mix. That’s why it’s green. It looks really gross, but people like it.

Nicole Cortichiato, sophomore, neurobiology, physiology and behavior


“Whatever Marie Callender’s is serving! My family does this thing called onion salad, which is just onions and vinegar. It’s pretty repulsive.

Erin Stadler, junior, sociology


“Creamed carrotsit’s like mashed potatoes but with carrots instead of mashed potatoes. My grandma always made it. It’s not that great.

Michael Collins, junior, international relations


“We have a traditional Vietnamese meal at my house. The most unique dish is shark fin soup.

Vu Tran, senior, biological sciences


“My mom makes collard greens with turkey neck and fat-free pumpkin pie.

Mary Odufuwa, sophomore, clinical nutrition


“We make monkey bread. It’s little balls of dough covered with sugar and cinnamon. We make a cobbler that has all of the fruits, like peach, apple and cherry. It smells like the kitchen sink, but it is really good. We also fry our turkey every yearmy dad has lost many an eyebrow.

Ashley Foster, sophomore, sociology


“We start with mimosas in the morning and we have cosmos in the afternoon.

Brandon Oliver, senior, communication and psychology


“Every once in a while, if we go to my aunt and uncle’s house, we have chow mein.

Danielle Young, sophomore, psychology and English


“I’m Jamaican, so my family serves a lot of traditional Jamaican dishes, like Jerk chicken and Escovich fish.

Sofia Abdul-Sabur, junior, sociology


“My favorite dish is Adas Polo. It’s basically just a rice and lentil dish.

Golzar Shaari, senior, French



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