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Editor’s note: For this edition of Ten Questions The California Aggie spoke with senior Christian Commander, a student representative of the Campus Media Board, to get a better understanding of the Board’s responsibilities and duties.



What is Campus Media Board?

It’s basically an advisory board, through the office of the vice chancellor of student affairs, for The California Aggie and KDVS. I say advisory board because we advise on and address any kind of issues, good or bad, that people may have with media on campus: including any kind of complaints, or if people feel like they aren’t getting their voice heard, but also relaying positive feedback. We also oversee their budget, and advise The Aggie and KDVS on any financial problems they may be having.


Who makes up campus media board?

Media board is chaired by Donald Dudley [and is] generally made up of [a few] student representatives, a faculty representative and a media representative (someone from local media to give input and advice).

Meetings are completely open – we like people to come and check it out.


What is your role?

I am one of the student representatives. I take my role very seriously: I not only cast a vote, but am representing the students on campus. I try to hear what my peers are saying and bring that to the Media Board.


How did you become involved?

This is my second year on Media Board. Back when I was a sophomore, I was looking up more ways to get involved with ASUCD or student government [and I found a job posting for Media Board] … I was also passionate about media; I thought I could offer some help. I’m really enjoying it. It’s great to work with media and make sure student voices are represented.


Why is media board important, in your opinion?

It’s important to have that objective third party, so that they can offer a different point of view and act as a liaison between [the students and the media] for communication.


Why should students care about media board and what they do?

Students should care about campus media because every person has a voice. Through my involvement on campus, I hear [student’s opinions] all the time – what they like, what they dislike.

I think it’s important to have the media board so you have a group to go to and voice that opinion. We are the third party that can hear their passions, views, and we can bring that to The Aggie and KDVS. The Media Board makes sure the student voice is heard.


What are some of your projects on the board?

This is my second year, and I really wanted to reach out to the students more. I formed an outreach team that’s going to go out to the student body through [ways such as] tabling to more proactively see what students say about the media on campus, including both positive changes – things they want to see more of – and any concerns they might have, anything they’d like to see change.


What is your year and major?

I’m a senior, studying animal biology with a specialization in conservation biology.


Does Media Board have anything to do with your future plans?

In a way actually – I’ve been an actor most of my life and I’d like to be on T.V. and make documentaries: I want to reach out to people about conservation and why it’s important to protect wildlife.

So media is very important to me. I think it’s very important for people to be able to express themselves, so [my involvement with media] connects in that way.


How can interested students become involved in Media Board?

They can contact me or any one of the other rep’s on the Media Board. I would encourage students to e-mail one of us. [I can be reached at] cjcommander@ucdavis.edu.


ANNA OPALKA conducted this interview and can be reached at features@theaggie.org


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