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Senate Briefs


ASUCD Senate meetings are scheduled to begin Thursdays at 6:10 p.m. Times listed are according to the clock at the Dec. 4 meeting location, the Memorial Union’s Mee Room.



Ivan Carrillo, ASUCD President, present

Molly Fluet, ASUCD Vice president, present

Andrew Bianchi, ASUCD Senator, present

Sergio Blanco, ASUCD Senator, present

Chris Dietrich, ASUCD Senator, present

Danny Garret, ASUCD Senator, present

Erin Lebe, ASUCD Senator, present

Erica Oropeza, ASUCD President Pro-tempore, present

Justin Patrizio, ASUCD Senator, present

Laura Pulido, ASUCD Senator, present

Rebecca Schwartz, ASUCD Senator, present

Ramneek Saini, ASUCD Senator, present

Mo Torres, ASUCD Senator, present

Jack Zwald, ASUCD Senator, present


Meeting called to order at 6:10 p.m.


Appointments and confirmations


Outreach Assembly

Taylor Fleshman, speaker


Mariana Levyash, Department and Services member


Breeana Rombi, Environment member


Alyssa Cauble, service member


Internal Affairs Commission

Previn Witana, commissioner

Russell Manning, commissioner

Matt Shannon, commissioner

Nikolas Zeigler, alternate commissioner

Sergio Cano, alternate commissioner


Courtney Laliberte was confirmed as commissioner of the Gender and Sexuality Commission.


Brian Kim was confirmed as director of City and County Affairs.


Public Discussion

Traci Brown, student assistant to the chancellor, announced that the Students of Color Conference for UC students had the largest turnout this year of any other year. At the conference students discussed student fees and budget cuts. Brown requested money from ASUCD for next year’s conference.

Christine Pham, director of Picnic Day announced that Picnic Day will be held April 18 and the theme isReflections: 100 years of Aggie legacy.


Consideration of old legislation

Senate Resolution 11, authored by Carrillo, in support of the creation of a transfer student center on campus, passed unanimously.


Meeting adjourned at 8:11 p.m.


LAUREN STEUSSY can be reached at campus@theaggie.org


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