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A Year in Review

Best Album

Weezer, The Red Album

Julia McCandless


Why?, Alopecia

Zack Frederick


Lykke Li, Youth Novels

Rachel Filipinas


Kings of Leon, Only By the Night

Laura Kroeger


Nine Inch Nails, The Slip

Justin T. Ho



Worst Song

“Low” by Flo Rida ft. T-Pain

The tell-tale signs of a bad song: It encourages slutty – and often sloppy – dancing, it advertises ugly fashion choices and it’s exasperatingly catchy.

Rachel Filipinas“Right Now (Na Na Na)” by AkonZack Frederick


“Womanizer” by Britney Spears

Laura Kroeger


“Love In This Club” by Usher

– Justin T. Ho




Best Song

“Time to Pretend” by MGMT

Although originally released in 2005, “Time to Pretend” was rightly re-released in 2008, a year that brought the American people a historic economic crisis and presidential election. The song’s verse – full of bubbly synths and crashing drums – is a chest-beating anthem for sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. It’s a vigorous acid-flashback to the dot-com boom of the ’90s when everyone seemed to be worth a million bucks.

Of course, it’s the song’s title that drives the chorus and reminds us what year this really is – the year that the economy crashed and burned while Americans watched Obama surge to victory on a campaign of hope and change. In other words, “Time to Pretend” is the song of the year because it’s untiringly optimistic and utterly conflicted – just like the America of 2008.


Zack Frederick


“Paper Planes” by MIA

Julia McCandless


“Machine Gun” by Portishead

Justin T. Ho


“Kids” by MGMT

Laura Kroeger





Best Film

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

This movie stuck out to me, as it was really different from most mainstream movies. The story of a man who ages backwards, it was very strange and surreal, but that’s also where a lot of the appeal was. The fact that it’s got Brad Pitt doesn’t hurt either.

Julia McCandless



Zack Frederick


The Dark Knight

Rachel Filipinas





Worst Film

The Hottie and the Nottie

I will admit: I haven’t seen this, but only because I make it a habit to avoid movies I know I’m going to hate. But based on the box office revenues for this movie, I’m guessing lots of people made the same judgment call.

It has enough components that I feel safe making this assumption right off the bat. It stars Paris Hilton who is best friends with a heavily made-up and prosthesis-laden “ugly girl.” If that guy from Dodgeball wants to sleep with the lovely Miss Hilton, he’ll have to befriend the ugly one. If the trailer is any indication, poorly written sophomoric humor ensues (and believe me, I’m a fan of sophomoric humor). Tragedy? Probably not. I’m sure Paris Hilton will get over her silver screen failure. Those millions of dollars can’t hurt.

– Laura Kroeger



Julia McCandless


My Best Friend’s Girl

Rachel Filipinas


The Spirit

Justin T. Ho


Worst Trend

Old People On Facebook

It seems inevitable, but Facebook is slowly becoming an all-ages website, which is something I cannot accept. Watching parents attempt to use the Internet is bad enough – reading about their hobbies and interests on Facebook is torture. Now they can monitor your every move in their news feed – I don’t know about you, but I came to Davis to escape my parents, not to social network with them.


Zack Frederick


Marilyn Monroe piercing

Julia McCandless


Shutter Shades

Laura Kroeger



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