81.5 F

Davis, California

Monday, May 20, 2024

Umbrella? Who needs one?

Umbrella? Who needs one?


It’s not every January that students can be spotted playing Frisbee or sunbathing on the Quad, but record temperatures this week have made the outdoors beckon like it’s spring already.

Records were broken in the Sacramento region both Monday and yesterday, and weather forecasters say the warm spell will continue at least through early next week.

A high temperature of 74 degrees Monday at Sacramento’s Executive Airport broke the previous record of 67 in 1980, according to the National Weather Service.

Downtown Sacramento’s previous record of 65 degrees, set in 2003, was broken yesterday with a high of 66, said NWS forecaster Johnnie Powell.

“It’s rare, but it’s not unheard of,Powell said.

Warm days this week are a result of sunny skies combined with downhill winds that blow from the northeast to the southwest, said NWS forecaster George Cline.

Records were probably broken in Davis and other smaller reporting stations too, but the data from those will not be available until the end of the month, Cline said.

The temperatures may be affecting plants in the region, too.

Ellen Zagory, director of horticulture at the UC Davis Arboretum, said high temperatures could affect annual wildflower seeds that have been sown in the arboretum, like lupins and poppies.

“If it gets really hot they may not germinate,she said.

Zagory said gardeners shouldn’t be fooled into starting their spring planting and pruning early.

“Wait until you’re sure you’re not going to have another frost, probably late February,she said.


Above: Sarah Mendelsohn, senior communication major, joins senior communication major Brad Thornton and sophomore economics major Charles Uselman for a study break on the Quad.




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