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Friday, April 19, 2024

Arts Week


Far, Automatic Static, By Sunlight

Thursday, 7:30 p.m., $15

Empire Events Center in Sacramento

A brief look into the history of Sactown band Far: The band’s been around since 1992, they managed to escape the formulas of thebutthead-rockgenre popularized by Limp Bizkit in 1998 and they split in 1999. Ten years later, Far is backmost notably with their cover of Ginuwine’s hit R&B songPony.


ThLosin Streaks, The Rantouls, NoBunny, English Singles

Friday, 9 p.m

Luigi’s Fungarden in Sacramento

We’re already well into this digital age of technological gadgetry and other newfangled contraptions, but I can always appreciate a good throwback to remind me of a bygone eraespecially if aforementioned throwback involves classic garage rock of the60s, lots of high energy and, most importantly, men in tight clothing.


Nevada Backwards

Friday, 10 p.m., $3 to $5, 21

The G Street Pub

What does Nevada backwards spell, exactly? The answer isadaven,which the band defines as the blending of unconventional instruments and elements of rockn roll, country and funk to create fun, energetic music.



Saturday, 8 p.m.

Cloud Forest Café at 222 D St.

Besides offering a tasty cup of coffee (and other delicious beverages), Cloud Forest is also serving up an earthy blend of original and traditional music from this acoustic trio.

Black Mackerel, N.F.H., Konami Code

Saturday, 9 p.m., $5, 21

The Stag in Woodland

With lyrics likeMy love is a whore” (in the songLovewhore“) andsarcasm, booze, insanity and poopamongst their list of musical influences, it’s pretty obvious that Sacramento trio Black Mackerel don’t take no guffI mean, shit.


Secondhand Serenade, Meg & Dia, The White Tie Affair, Rookie of the Year

Sunday, 7:30 p.m., $18 in advance, $20 day of show

The Boardwalk in Orangevale

At first, I was quick to cast off Secondhand Serenade as another generic indie-acoustic-boy band act, but after a bit of research, I learned that they are a generic indie-acoustic-boy band act from Menlo Park! That basically changes everything, don’t you think?


Shark Toys, Fine Steps, GGreen, Aaron Brown

Sunday, 8 p.m.

C Street

When I think of shark toys, the first things that come to mind are either humans who don’t know how to swim or other aquatic wildlife that become victims of these misunderstood creatures. Then I gave lo-fi post-punk band Shark Toys a proper listen, and my life changed for the better. Also worth noting is static-y Folsom noisemakers GGreen, whose most recent music video features clips from one of my own favorite movies, 10 Things I Hate About You.


Polka Dot Dot Dot, Shelby Sifers, Oh Foot

Tuesday, 9 p.m., $3 to $5

Primary Concepts at 219 E St.

Folk lovers, if you are not yet familiar with Olympia-based label Bicycle Records (hint: They signed Kimya Dawson side project Antsy Pants), make it a point to acquaint yourselves. Featuring an assortment of banjo, harp, ukulele, guitar and handclaps, Polka Dot Dot Dot provides a charming medley of sweet and sometimes silly harmonies. Quips about cootie shots and other childhood games aside, Polka triple-D pose an even more profound question: Are there three polka dots, or does the polka go on forever?




Slumdog Millionaire

Now playing at the Varsity Theatre on Second Street

Interesting fact: This Golden Globe winner and Oscar contender was originally slated for a straight-to-DVD release! Does this mean that the newest installation ofWithout A Paddleisn’t nearly as terrible as commercials lead me to believe?



Wednesday, 8 p.m.

123 Science Lecture Hall

Chuck Palahniuk, yes. Anjelica Huston, yes. Sam Rockwell, yes. Free admission and a convenient on-campus venue? Even better!





On display now at the Design Museum

Artist and designer Simon Johnston investigates the nature of visible language, including issues of semantics and operation. A free opening talk and artist reception will take place Jan. 22 at 6:30 p.m. in Everson Hall.


Hello, Dolly!

Friday and Saturday, 8:15 p.m. and Sunday at 2:25 p.m., $18 general admission, $16 with a student ID

607 Pena Drive

Presented by the Davis Musical Theater Company, this musical tells the tale of a brassy widow named Dolly and all of her exploits as a meddling matchmaker.



RACHEL FILIPINAS can be reached at arts@theaggie.org. 


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