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Letter to the Editor

On Saturday December 6th 2008, 127 students from 8 different fraternities and 4 different sororities came out and cleaned up UC Davis. In a partnership between the UC Davis Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council, and R4 Recycling Program this event oversaw the collection of 65 bags of material (27 bags of trash, 20 bags of recycling, and 18 bags of compost), totaling 654.6 pounds of material (311.8 lbs. of trash, 167.2 lbs. of recycling, and 175.6 lbs. of compost). The event started in the Arboretum and covered the entire campus. This was an incredible, collaborative effort that demonstrated the pride that we UC Davis students and we Greeks take in our campus and in our environment.

The fact that 127 students came out on a Saturday, and the Saturday (Dead Day) only two days before finals no less, is amazing. For 3 hours these young men and women dedicated time they could have put towards studying to show pride in their campus and prove their stewardship for the environment. I truly believe that this act and these incredible students deserve recognition. That is why I am writing this letter. To bring attention to the many people that came out on that Saturday to break the stereotypes of Greek life and to help build a new image of Greeks, as patrons of service. Below is a list of the fraternities and sororities that made this effort what it was: an overwhelming success.

Alpha Gamma Omega

Delta Gamma

Pi Kappa Alpha

Sigma Nu

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Sigma Alpha Mu

Sigma Chi

Tau Kappa Epsilon

Chi Phi

Delta Delta Delta

Kappa Alpha Theta

Pi Beta Phi

Thank You,

Christian Commander

Interfraternity Council Philanthropy Chair


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