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Letter to the Editor

Dear Richard,

Thanks so much for covering the new writing minor both in last Friday’s front page article and in today’s editorial. It’s great to get the word out so that students can start taking advantage of it.

For your information, students can already essentially take a journalism minor. In addition to Writing in the Professions: Journalism, (UWP 104C) we now have two advanced journalism courses: science journalism this quarter and an investigative journalism course taught every other spring.

For internships, students can intern in journalism and get credit for it

including getting academic credit for writing or editing for the Aggie.

I’d appreciate your making sure that your editors and reporters know about this option of academic credit whether they take the minor or not.

I expect that the options will continue to expand for example, we may

offer a course on editing in the near future.

Gary Sue Goodman

Assistant Director, Writing Across the Curriculum

University Writing Program


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