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Campus Judicial Report

Multiple personalities

A student was referred for having a friend answer questions in his name using an RFclicker. The student admitted to receiving unauthorized assistance on course work and agreed to Disciplinary Probation and 10 hours of community service. If a student is found in violation of any university policy while on disciplinary probation, he or she is likely to be removed from the university.

Cheating on an exam

During a chemistry exam, a student referred to notes that she had under her desk, which an instructor witnessed and confiscated. The student accepted the disciplinary sanctions of Deferred Separation and 20 hours of community service. A student on Deferred Separation waives the right to a formal hearing in future disciplinary action, and will be removed from the university by either Suspension or Dismissal if he or she is again found in violation of any university policy.

Wandering eyes


A student was foundnot in violationof cheating during a test. The student was referred because two teaching assistants believed that they had witnessed the student looking at the exam of the person next to him. Through the informal process, the judicial officer determined that the situation was a misunderstanding, not a violation of the Code of Academic Conduct. However, the student did receive an Administrative Notice, warning him that wandering eyes creates the appearance of dishonesty and is therefore prohibited by university policy.


The Campus Judicial Report is compiled by student members of the Campus Judicial Board. Additional information about SJA and the Campus Judicial Board may be found at sja.ucdavis.edu.



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