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Local group sows native landscape

Students from the Met School in Sacramento planted hundreds of native trees, shrubs and grasses to create a natural buffer around the new Clark Pacific concrete plant in Woodland.

Some of the plants that are part of the new landscape include Valley Oak, Fremont Cottonwood, Mexican Elderberry, Buckwheat and Deergrass, according to a press release.

The plants are all native plants that are intended to control erosion and sedimentation problems.

The project was led by the Center for Land-Based Learning, which hosts an ongoing program that puts local high school students in charge of landscaping and habitat restoration projects, said spokesperson Teala Schaff.

“This project represents an increasingly attractive approach in landscaping and an innovative partnership that sets a great example for local, community-based landscaping plans,” said Center for Land-Based Learning executive director Mary Kimball in a written statement. Kimball said she hopes this project will be a model for future endeavors.

The project began last October and will continue through March.





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